Warspite’s Nameplate

WG has made a tradition of putting the names of premium ships somewhere on the hull. Lots of ships didn’t actually feature this in real life, but it’s a cool little bit of detail and it’s fun to see – but one ship in particular has always lacked this. The HMS Warspite historically had her name around her third (“X”) turret, but ever since she was introduced last year, she’s been missing this detail.

No longer!

HMS Warspite seen from behind; you can see her name just next to her X turret, above the lined-up sailors.

As of the latest patch, which changed Warspite‘s model to add some AA, she was also given her name. In 5.9, she should be improved further, getting a lower draught putting her deeper in the water – hopefully, this should help her survivability.

Warspite’s nameplate in-game, right where it ought to be.

God save the Queen!


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