Patch 5.8 Datamine

Vaexa on reddit has checked the game files for changes from the public test version of 5.8; here’s what she’s found. There’s been a certain balance change which has caused quite a bit of trouble, but I’ll go into that in a bit.

Balance changes

Ship changes


  • Chinese ARP ships added (Myoko clones)


  • Some more cruiser armour model tweaks, as part of the armour mesh changes documented in the official patchnotes
  • Krasnyi Krym: reload time buffed (10s > 9.2s), turret turn time buffed (7.0 deg/s > 8.0 deg/s), AA changed (pretty sure it’s a net buff)
  • Arizona: sigma nerfed (2.0 > 1.8)

Miscellaneous changes

  • Arizona memorial flag added (no effects, purely cosmetic)

Text changes

  • Things got rephrased and reworded again, like they do every patch
  • Strings added for the new voice packs
  • Strings added for ARP Takao’s name
  • Strings added for Bastion mode tutorial
  • Strings added for German BB module names
  • Strings added for the Arizona memorial flag
  • Strings added for a Krasnyi Krym flag
  • Strings added for an ARP flag

The sigma value of USS Arizona was nerfed. It’s complicated in how it works, exactly, but it’s related to shell dispersion for battleships. Arizona‘s previous value, 2.0, was considerably high, the same as Warspite, but apparently someone at Lesta might’ve thought that was a bit too high and reduced it. However, evidence from the game files themselves shows that something has undoubtedly changed. Since Atizona is a premium ship that people bought with real money, it’s naturally quite a problem. For WG, nerfing premiums has always been quite the hornet’s nest, going back all the way to the early days of World of Tanks.

Here’s what Quemapueblos on the NA Forums says:

Hi folks,

Just wanted to step in here and clarify:

There was no stealth nerf to USS Arizona in 0.5.8. We prefer avoid re-balancing premium ships after release at all costs and we will be clear with you if we decide its absolutely necessary to change a premium ship that was already available for sale. In this case there was no change to the sigma values for USS Arizona that we are aware of. In the off chance something like this slipped in accidentally, I will verify with the balance team that this change did not actually occur.

And later on in the same thread, Boyarsky made another comment:

Hey guys, I have an official confirmation for you – there was no stealth nerf of Arizona in 0.5.8.

However, you are right that her sigma was nerfed from 2.0 to 1.8. That change was applied a week before the first day of sales.

I guarantee it! ©

No one is entirely sure what’s going on. This is a developing situation, so I’ll keep an eye on it and post updates as they come along. I suppose it was just too much to hope for, that this patch would be free of any issues.

Sources: Reddit, NA Forums


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