New Chinese Stuff in 5.8

No, this isn’t a post about some wacky gold-plated Anshan or something; in patch 5.8, a couple of curious things were added to the game client, namely a port icon and a pair of Myoko-class cruiser models in the vein of the Arpeggio. Credit goes to SigmaHyperion on Reddit for finding these, though no one has managed to explain what they’re for.

Normally these things stay purely on the special Chinese server, but this might be different considering they’re in the game files for everyone. The cruisers look like they might be some kind of Arpeggio alternative/derivative, and the port icon something tied to them as well, like Yokosuka for the Arpeggio ships. The dragon decal on the ships is pretty cool, though, I wouldn’t mind having that; I’m still of the opinion that this is intended for the strange Chinese server and the rest of us won’t see any of it.

Source: Reddit


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