Patch 5.8 Notes

The public test just ended recently, but 5.8 is already being rolled out, starting tomorrow! It seems like after doing so many small patches, WG has become increasingly efficient at it – whether that’s a good thing or bad is yet to become apparent. We can at least hope that this patch doesn’t break anything important!

Full patch notes are at the link below, but here’s my summary:

  • Bastion mode, available on the Atlantic map for tier 8-10 ships, with forts and surveillance stations to capture. Functions similarly to Domination mode.
  • Two new maps: Loop and Sea of Fortune.
  • Vastly improved matchmaker.
  • National voices.
  • New hit/penetration ribbons, and ribbons for secondary gun hits.
  • Improved cruiser armour models.
  • New AP shell tracers; they’re white now.
  • Krasny Krym, Scharnhorst, Koenig Albert, Kaiser, Flint, and Black added to the client for testing purposes.
  • More ships can move certain turrets around 360 degrees now.

The addition of Bastion mode reminds me of the cyclone that was added initially to North; it’s kinda fun, so I’m hoping it gets expanded and added to more maps and tiers. This isn’t a huge patch overall, mainly centred around the new matchmaker and new game mode, but patch 5.9 definitely looks to be great considering what should be included in it. Fingers crossed, of course.

Source: NA News Portal


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