USS Arizona Available On NA

USS Arizona

After lots of waiting, the tier 6 American battleship Arizona has arrived, for the NA server. No word on when she’ll be around on the other servers, but I’m going to assume she eventually will be.

However! WGNA is offering a huge bundle with a special flag in it, so… if you want a fancy flag, then go get that huge bundle, it’s $75 and you get a bunch with it, including Arizona, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. Personally? While I like cool exclusive flags, I really don’t like the business practice of bundling them for purchase. I’d much rather they be available to win in-game, perhaps through missions restricted to ships they’re related to. So, for the Jutland flag you’d have to complete a mission in the Warspite, and for this flag you’d have to do something in Arizona, and so on.

Hopefully, maybe, this will change. But for now… well, I hope you’ve got $75 to spend.



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