NA: Reduced Repair Costs and More


The other day, the Russian monthly events for July were revealed; it’s nothing particularly amazing, except for the fact that they get to have the nice new premium ship Krasny Krym as the ultimate reward for a set of missions; this got people quite upset, especially on the EU server, and rightly so.

I can’t say much for EU, but the NA server gets quite a lot this time around! Namely, reduced repair costs – more on that in a moment – the USS Arizona released for Independence Day, along with missions to get the tier 2 battleship Mikasa. It’s definitely quite an exciting month, but I suppose it’d be strange if it wasn’t.

For tiers 7 to 9, repair costs are being reduced by 25%; for tier 10, they’ve being reduced by 40%. The EU server is just getting the same old 25% discount to tiers 8-10.

This is just for July, and not for premium ships, though. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Wargaming were to extend this repair discount, or even eventually make it permanent; right now the RU server is getting the same thing, and it seems to have had an excellent effect on higher tiers.

And yes, that’s a cheeky wallpaper of Scharnhorst up above, from the EU server. At least they get one good thing!

Sources: NA News Portal, NA Events Preview, EU Events Preview


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