No History Sunday Today

I’m sorry! I should’ve expected this, but I’m not going to be able to finish the History Sunday article that I had planned for today. It was supposed to be an interesting and topical one! Unfortunately, I had an event to go to today, and I thought I might be able to finish the article later in the day but no, I’m completely exhausted and out of time.

I promise, though, that the same article will be posted this coming Sunday! This time we’re moving from the Soviets and the British over to the ever-interesting Germans…


Reddit Q&A – 29/07/16

Quemapueblos, from the NA server side of things, just recently did yet another Q&A on reddit, and while it’s perhaps not as detailed or informative as some of the dev Q&As, there’s still a lot of good information here – including a particularly interesting bit that I expected but was never confirmed: German destroyers hopefully coming this year!

Q: Do we have an ETA on any more CV changes? I would like to see the CV interface fixed (I know that it has been promised) as well as CVs in general.

A: Sorry no big updates on CVs reworks since last QueNA but to reiterate there are two major changes we are trying to squeeze in this year that will dramatically affect CVs.

First, including more bonuses for teamwork like spotting and second, reworking the UI so it’s more responsive. Our goal is a quickness and responsiveness something similair to a fast paced RTS like starcraft.

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New Matchmaking Tiers Explained

Bit of a slow news day, eh? In that case, have this matchmaking table; since MM tiers were changed for 5.9, this is what tiers of ships can get matched with other tiers:


There was a change on the test server that made all carriers have +1/-1 matchmaking, but it doesn’t seem to be reflected here. I don’t play carriers often (sadly), certainly not high tiers, so I wouldn’t know personally. If you’re a carrier player and you’re, say, not getting into tier 10 games in your Shoukaku, do leave a comment! This is something I’ve not found a definitive answer to, and I’d definitely like one.

edit: well, it didn’t happen on live.


Prinz Eugen Current Stats

Along with the new patch comes a new leak of upcoming stuff; this time, from gamemodels3d, we’ve got a possible premium ship: Prinz Eugen, sister to the existing in-game Admiral Hipper at tier 8. They seems fairly similar in stats right now, but that’s absolutely up to change, and I’d expect alterations to be made before she goes live and on sale. That is, if she does go on sale and isn’t a reward ship for Ranked/Team Battles or something like that. You never know.

Prinz Eugen moored; I think this might be from around 1941, judging by her red turret tops.

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Doubloons & Skill Discounts For EU And NA

On the EU server, due to the change to Situational Awareness which frustrated a lot of people – in short, the removal of it and having the skill point allocated to Basics of Survivability – there’s a captain skill reset discount for a week, along with a small amount of doubloons being given to players who log in, so that the costs of resetting their captains is generally covered. Here’s the quote from Cynd3r on the forums:

Apologies–I meant to make this edit: As mentioned before, previously we’d received feedback that a full skill drop for all commanders had caused many players to have to undertake the boring chore of setting up all their commanders correctly again. We did not want to do that, so we took the middle ground with our decision to drop only certain configurations. However, to make it as comfortable for all our players as we can, we’ve decided to additionally run a week-long event with the maximum discount on skill redistribution. At this time we cannot technically make dropping skills free (we’ll probably have to fix that), so we’ll also give everyone who logs into the game in that week a small amount of doubloons. That way, those of you who believe their commanders don’t need Basics of Survivability can choose another skill set.

Temporarily, captain skill resets will cost 1 doubloon each, and all players will get 100 doubloons for free:

From 28 July at 07:10 CEST until 4 August at 07:10 CEST the skill reset for commanders will be discounted to a symbolic amount of 1 Doubloon per 1 Skill point. During this period players will receive 100 Doubloons when they log into the client to make any necessary changes.

It is what it is, I suppose, and that’s not so bad of a reasoning. I hope this situation is handled a lot better in the future, though.

Edit: The NA server will also be getting the discount and doubloons! Starting 28th July, same time as EU.

Source: EU Portal Patch Notes, EU Forums Staff Post

Patch 5.9 (Live) Datamine

On reddit, iku_19 has checked through the game files and found a few things not in the patch notes. These go hand-in-hand with a change from the notes themselves, that is: MM for aircraft carriers and ships of tier 4 and lower now have +1/-1 matchmaking, as opposed to the usual +2/-2 matchmaking.  This is a good change overall, but there’s one ship in the game which will enjoy it more than any other.


  • Nikolay now has pref MM (T4-5 instead of T4-6)
  • Saipan now has full MM (T7-9 instead of T7-8)


  • Fixing more typooooooos

Remember folks, you can’t nerf the un-nerfable.

Source: Reddit

Patch 5.9 Notes

Coming to NA tomorrow, July 27th! And to EU on the 28th. This isn’t as big of a patch as it could be, considering that the Co-Op Assault mode isn’t being added, but there are lots of smaller changes to balance and such; I suppose it’s important to focus on these things for a bit instead of continuously adding new features.

The improved smokescreen mechanics and division voice chat are nice, though. And I’m happy the Atlanta is getting radar; that should be plenty of fun.

You can find the full patch notes at the link below, or you can watch the video above for an abridged take on them.The map changes remind me: I really need to update the Maps section of the site! I’ll see if I can fit in some time to do that tomorrow before work.