5.8 Public Test Datamine

Vaexa on reddit has already datamined the changes in patch 5.8 from the current patch, and they’re about what you’d expect to see. Still interesting, and the confirmation of a few new ships is always good. I’ll see about posting the current stats of those ones when I get a chance.

Data changes

Ship changes


  • Tier 3 premium German battleship König Albert added
  • Tier 4 German battleship Kaiser added
  • Tier 7 (premium?) German battleship Scharnhorst added
  • Tier 7 premium USN cruiser Flint added
  • Tier 9 premium USN destroyer Black added
  • Placeholder data for ARP Takao added
  • Ar 196C and Fw 62 spotter planes added
  • Shell data for German battleships added


  • Pretty much every cruiser in the game and a handful of destroyers had their armour models changed (no nerfs/buffs, just more detailed armour models). This is absolutely too much to document, and the changes shouldn’t be very significant gameplay-wise anyway.
  • Yubari: HP buffed (18300 > 18700)
  • Profintern: name changed to Krasnyi Krym
  • Several ships got 360 degree arcs on their turrets, see table below
  • Data added for Bastion gamemode buildings

Turret arc changes

Ship Mounts
Kamikaze 1, 2
Clemson 1
Umikaze 3
Novik 6
Hashidate 1
Minekaze 1, 2, 3
Aurora 1
Wakatake 1
Mutsuki 1, 2
Tachibana 1, 4, 5
Königsberg 2, 3
Diana 1
Wickes 1

Miscellaneous changes

  • ARP Takao captain added
  • ARP Gunzou captain added

Text changes

  • They changed the formatting on every line in the game because Lesta hates me

Package changes

  • Models added for new ships
  • Models added for Bastion gamemode buildings
  • Tons of swf files changed. Modders beware.

Source: Reddit


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