Patch 5.8 Public Test

WoWsBastionPatch 5.7 is still fresh, and now we’ve got patch 5.8 on the horizon already! I really didn’t expect it this early, honestly, but it certainly isn’t a bad thing – though if you were looking forward to any real hint of German battleships, you won’t find anything in the patch notes. I suppose that’ll just have to wait for a bit later, won’t it?

You can view the full patch notes below, but here’s my quick rundown:

  • New “Bastion” game mode, involving forts that played can capture that give bonuses such as line of sight and artillery/AA support. Not a PvE game mode, as suspected.
  • Two new maps for tiers 7-10: “Sea of Fortune” and “Loop.”
  • Improved armour models for cruisers.
  • Completely new matchmaker which promises to be honest and fair, and is entirely revamped from the original one we have now. Looks pretty good.
  • New, details battle ribbons for main gun hits, non-penetrations, secondary battery hits, etc., as well as an in-battle damage counter.
  • Situational Awareness is fixed, and now always tells you if you’re spotted.
  • National voices for commanders.

Sources: EU Website, ASIA Website


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