Patch 5.7 Datamine

Patch 5.7 is finally out after WG spent a week fixing it back up, and now that it’s here, Vaexa on reddit has noted some of the little changes in this version that didn’t make it into the patch notes.

Also, even though 5.7 was delayed, according to WG 5.8 is still on schedule regardless, so don’t worry about that.

Balance changes

Ship changes

  • Loads of ships: secondary battery range mod restored

Text changes

  • Rephrases: the rephrasing: electric rephrasaloo 2
  • Strings including ”port” and ”starboard” had ”(left)” and ”(right) added (likely in case someone doesn’t know the difference)

[Note: the New York port also features aliens now! It’s a tie-in with the new Master of Orion game]


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