Russian Q&A – 22/06/16

After a drought of information – probably caused by the patch 5.7 delay, I think – now that the patch is actually out, the flow has begun again. Carnotzet has some good translations for us again!

I think the three things people will be most pleased about are a buff to Warspite, the smoke boundaries mod being included in the game, and more repair discounts, hopefully for all servers. Enjoy!

1. What does this icon mean ?


A. It’s an interface error. It will be fixed in one of the next updates.

2a. Why is Atago‘s AA configuration not historically accurate ? Will you fix it ?

A. I already answered this question a while ago. Atago‘s doesn’t effectively have a historically accurate AA configuration, but we can’t solve this issue at the moment for balancing reasons (the ship is already borderline overperforming, and a historically accurate AA setup would push it over the top).

2b. Will you remove the ability for planes to see on the other side of terrain ? It is quite strange that planes can see above mountains and islands and in return that ships can shoot at planes through terrain.

A. At the moment, we don’t plan to change this aspect of the game since complex terrain would bring too many factors regarding AA and detection from planes, which players would hardly have an effect on.

3. My question is about Warspite’s waterline. Why is her draught (draft), which according to the waterline mark on the model is at 30 ft (9.14 m), so low compared to the standard 9.35 m, and even lower compared to her draft when fully loaded which is at 10.35 m ? For this reason, in game, the citadel sits at least one meter higher above the water than it should, instead of being hidden under the waterline.

You can clearly see the difference in the following pictures.



A. I reckon we will fix this issue in 0.5.9.

4a. Kutuzov has an insane ability to start fires. In addition to her ability to be completely invisible, it makes you wonder what is the point of a game where money can buy you victories. Do you plan to bring overpowered Kutuzov down in line with the standard ships ? Or is her fate going to be the same as another overpowered ship, Tirpitz, and stay as it is ?

A. She hasn’t an insane ability to start fires. On this matter, Kutuzov is on par with Chapayev, and regarding average damage and win rate, she’s entirely balanced compared to the other tier 8 cruisers.

Moreover, she can’t be completely invisible. The use of smokescreen isn’t as easy as it is for DD’s, she doesn’t have the maneuverability to safely invis fire from smokes (even if it’s possible to pull it off).

In brief, Kutuzov is a good, versatile premium ship.

To answer your questions, we don’t plan to make adjustments.

4b. Should we therefore expect new premium ships to follow this trend of being overpowered ?

A. Among the premium ships we plan to release, there will  be versatile ships (easier to play) as well as more complex ones with a particular gameplay. We’re trying to provide different ships for different players. We’re not interested in releasing overpowered ships that can be bought with real money, since this kind of thought process would only bring short term benefits but would considerably tarnish our reputation in the process.

It’s worth to be noted that we never said that premium ships need to be worse than standard ones, they can also be on par with the better standard ships.

5. Why cannot Koenigsberg‘s rear turret turn all the way around (through the front) even if it should be possible according to her model ? Were there any technical constraints or is it because of balancing reasons ?

A. Such algorithm isn’t implemented in the game logic. In patch 0.5.8, we plan to change that so that individual turrets of several ships will be able to rotate 360°. Regarding historicity, some ships were built with limited arcs of fire, however we will not pay too much attention to that if it negatively impacts the game too much.

On Russian (event) bias:

On the Russian servers, the battle of the Philippine Sea event awards players with 3 port slots for completing all three missions (which award 20 November Echo Setteseven (clear sky signal), 10 cammo type 6, and 500k credits). They did that for players to have slightly more room for the upcoming German BB’s.

We [EU] on the other hand have x2 xp on the first win, a 50/30% discount on carriers and a discounted Saipan to buy.

JamesWhite also said in a radio programme on Wargaming FM that they will increase the reduction on repair costs until the end of July on the Russian cluster. Tier 7-9 ships repair costs will be reduced by 25% and for tier 10 ships, it will be 40%. They are doing this so that even players with standard accounts can play at those tiers and earn some credits even if they aren’t the most skilled players.

So far, the experiment (reduced repair costs) has been positive and they saw a 11-12% increase in players playing at high tier. All in all, the experiment was successful and that is why they are expanding it to other tiers and increasing the reduction.

He also gave some statistics about the current season of ranked battles. Across all regions, 193k players have so far taken part in the new season, from which 97k are on the Russian server. At the time of the programme (19 June), Russian players were the first ones to reach rank 1 (157 players) whereas only one player reached rank 1 on the NA server. On the Asia sever, 28 players reached rank 5 (best rank reached at that time), and on the EU server (which started slightly later), 4 players reached rank 4.

More Q&A:

1a. “XVM”-like mods are often encountered. I thought developers didn’t want them in the game. Did something change ?

A. Nothing. Currently, we don’t see the need to ban it. If you don’t like what this mod does, you always have the possibility to hide your stats. It should help.

1b. There’s often topics on the forums suggesting improvements regarding the rewards for players’ actions in battle (for example, spotting, indication about the damage percentage inflicted to enemy ships, etc.). Is there any progress done in that matter and when will we be able to see the first changes ?

A. Progress is being made, but it’s still too early to speak about what version it will be released in. Here is how it will most likely unfold: we will add hidden metrics into the game (in other words, we will start to evaluate the possible consequences on the economy, but only evaluate, everything will be the same for the players), after one or two versions, we will change the economy according to the data we collected.

1c. Can you give us more details about when the “smoke boundaries” mod will be implemented in the game ?

A. We plan to release it in patch 0.5.9.

1d. Can you explain why you added a tier 10 league for players who reach rank 1 in ranked battles ?

A. For players who reached rank 1 to experience a unique gameplay at the top tier. Moreover, it will be interesting to see what statistics we can collect from this experiment.

2a. When do you plan to differentiate the hit ribbons we receive in battle (divide them in penetrated, didn’t penetrate, bounce, etc.) ?

A. In 0.5.8.

2b. Do you plan to add a more precise ship characteristics scale ? On my Des-Moines, I have more than 100 AA value and I still can add more AA modules. When will be able to see more accurate numbers ?

A. We currently don’t plan to do that.

3. Is it useful to stack Victor Lima, Juliet Whisky Unaone and India X-Ray signals ? Is their effect additive or multiplicative ?

A. Their effects works together. Fire chance is additive, the rest is multiplicative. Regarding whether or not is it useful to stack them, you decide.

4. Does ranked battles matchmaker take into consideration players’ rank when creating teams ? Sometimes, I’m teamed up with rank 15 players only whereas on the other teams they are rank 12, 13, 11 players.

A. Ranks are taken into consideration but within a certain bracket. If we’d have chosen to make battles with players of the same rank only, the queue time would be extremely long. We will continue working on ranked battles matchmaker though.

5. If, when activating Defensive fire, I focus target one squadron, will its effect (panic) work on other squadrons too ? Similarly, regarding the catapult fighter, if I don’t focus target a squadron, will its effect work on all squadron in its area or only the one it’s attacking ?

A. The effect of Defensive fire works on the whole area your AA covers.

The catapult fighter only panics the squadron it’s attacking.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev Answer thread, Wargaming FM Radio Interview


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