Patch 5.7: Secondaries Remain the Same

Lots of people, including myself, were a tad upset that secondary guns for all ships except those of tiers 9 and 10 were being nerfed across the board by the removal of the old secondary gun battery upgrade.

Now, as of 5.7, it’s been confirmed that the same upgrade will remain in the game, and the planned improvements to high-tier secondary gun upgrades (increased range/accuracy) will not be happening. Or, as Carnotzet has translated:

  • They are making sure that the 0.5.7 revision won’t affect 0.5.8 release date
  • Secondaries modules are rolled back to 0.5.6, the bonus planned for tier 9-10 is thus gone. All secondaries of tier 8 ships and below will remain as they are

Rejoice, everyone! I can imagine that Standard Battles will also remain, albeit much less common than in 5.6, and there won’t be as many cyclones as initially implemented.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums 5.7 thread


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