Patch 5.7 Notes & ETA

Patch 5.7 will be arriving on 15th/16th June (depending on your server), and while it doesn’t have as many changes as previous patches, it’s got a few very important fixes and alterations that, overall, make it a fairly good patch in my eyes.

Below I’ve got some of the highlights of the patch notes, and at the link underneath that you can check out the full, precise notes; they’re fairly lengthy.

  • Ship Upgrades have been overhauled, with some being removed and others added. A lot of the old, redundant upgrades are gone now, but there are a few nerfs, such as to secondary battery upgrades for ships of tier 8 and below.
  • Iwaki Alpha, Kitakami, and Yubari get a special upgrade that essentially acts as an overall buff for them.
  • Reload times for both main guns and torpedoes will now be shown at the same time.
  • A new, Canadian-themed map for tiers 7-10.
  • The Standard Battle mode has been removed for battles between ships of tiers 7-10, which means high tier games should hopefully be less passive.
  • No more duplicated modules, meaning if two ships have the exact same module (Japanese type F3 torpedoes, for example) you’ll now have to research it separately on each ship.
  • During Cyclones, radar and hydroacoustic search will no longer be limited to an 8km maximum spotting/rendering range.
  • Cyclone weather effects have been added to the following maps:
    • The Atlantic
    • Islands of Ice
    • Hotspot
    • Trap
    • Two Brothers
    • Land of Fire
    • Trident
    • Shatter
    • Okinawa
    • Neighbors
    • Estuary
  • An improved Spectator Mode after you’ve been sunk in a battle.
  • Due to improvements in how ship models are loaded during battle, there shouldn’t be any cases where a ship is still invisible when it should be spotted, or pops in and out of visibility.

Other than the horrible indirect nerf to Nagato‘s secondaries, this is a pretty decent patch!



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