Misc. Russian Info – 07/06/16

Carnotzet on the EU Forums has translated some posts on the RU forums, most of which covers the 5.7 public test. However, there’s also an official announcement for the “new matchmaker” that’s been teased for a while, which should be released with patch 5.8 – though I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was delayed.

  • Certain changes (in particular minimap changes) planned for 0.5.7. won’t be implemented until 0.5.8. since they sped up the working cycle and updates are being released faster than previously. As a result, problems found in one patch will rarely be fixed in the following update (For example, when 0.5.6. was released, 0.5.7. was nearly done and they were starting to work on 0.5.8.).
  • Cyclone weather was generally well received by players, that is why they decided to expand the number of maps it can occur on. They will also try other weather experiments in the future. This feature will not happen in Ranked battles.
  • Regarding module upgrades rework, players won’t lose anything (nor modules, nor credits or doubloons). If a module is replaced, players who had it installed will get the new one for free. If it is removed, players will be refunded in credits. They don’t plan to remove and refund all equipped modules.
  • Regarding low-tier IJN cruisers buffs, in 0.5.7., a new module will be available for IJN premium ships with 140mm guns (for now, it concerns Yubari, Katori and Iwaki) called Gun fire control mod 0. It will increase turret and torpedo tubes rotation speed by 20%, secondary guns range by 20%, and reduce maximum dispersion of main and secondary batteries by 40%.
  • They are preparing PvE prototypes for internal testing (with fort bombardment, etc).
  • Work on matchmaker 2.0 is completed and it has passed internal testing. If all goes according to plan, it should be released in the next update.
  • In 0.5.7., radar and HAS work at full range, regardless of cyclone.

Edit 1. More news.

  • No changes to Mikasa.
  • First module slot will include (in addition to the special IJN module) AA/secondaries survivability, ammo magazine survivability, Main batteries / Torpedo armament survivability/protection. USN BB’s will also have a module for main/secondary batteries fire range and secondary guns accuracy in the second slot, and a module for main guns accuracy in the third slot (it will have a greater effect than now). No changes regarding the effect for the firing range.
  • Main battery mod 2 increase in loading time is reduced from 10 to 5%.
  • Changes are planned for the map “Islands of Ice” and for the map rotation.

New Matchmaker Announcement:

 Dear players, we would like to inform you that the lack of a topic dedicated to matchmaker feedback doesn’t mean we have decided to abandon this issue, close our eyes and do as if problems don’t exist. We are aware that the current matchmaker can make mistakes in some cases and create teams that are unequally weighted and unbalanced composition-wise.

We would like to thank you for the huge amount of feedback you sent us through various means.

Thanks to your feedback, we were able to identify all the weaknesses of the current matchmaker. That is why a new topic dedicated to matchmaker feedback will be created only after the new system is introduced.

After having analyzed the data we collected, we decided not to lose time and strength on fixing the problems of the current matchmaker but to create a new one from scratch.

A team was formed specifically to work on this project.

Currently, matchmaker 2.0 is completed and has successfully passed internal testing.

The next phase will be to test it with supertesters and during public tests.

Its release is scheduled for patch 0.5.8.

We will answer questions regarding the new matchmaker after it is officially released.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, Russian 5.7 Test thread, Russian Matchmaker Announcement


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