Ranked Season 4 Details

It’s almost here! Now – albeit from the EU forums, so things might be different for other servers – we have some solid stuff on the upcoming season, especially the infamous premium ship prize that’s been eluding people for a good couple of seasons now. Here are the details from MrConway‘s post:

Brackets and ranks:

  • Three tier brackets, 4 leagues:
    • Rank 22-16, tier  5-6
    • Rank 15-11, tier 6-7
    • Rank 10-6, tier 6-7
    • Rank 5-1, tier 6-7
    • Rank 1 – Tier 10 super league
      • The super league will enable rank 1 players to keep playing for the remainder of the season for additional rewards

Rule changes:

  • We listened to player feedback and in this season the player with the highest experience on the losing team will not lose a star
  • From Rank 10-1, you will no longer get a star when ranking up


  • Camouflages and signals aplenty
  • Achieve rank 15 or higher to receive the “Midway” participation flag
  • You can win up to 3500 doubloons this season if you manage to reach rank 1 (1000 with rank 2 and 2500 with rank 1)
  • Reaching certain ranks unlocks flags (which will only function for the duration of the season) which will reduce your repair costs by -5%, -10% and – 20% (rank 15, 10 and 5 respectively)
  • If you reached rank one in the previous two seasons and manage to do it again, you will receive the USS Flint  [CL-97, modified Atlanta-class] premium cruiser but lose the Jolly Roger II
    • If you are not eligible to win the USS Flint in this season, you will be able to win it in future seasons, it will be awarded for winning more than one season in a row.


  • Season starts: 10.06, 06:00 UTC;
  • Last battle can be played: 25.07, 05:30 UTC

There we go, good to hear the Flint will be more available than initially assumed.

Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/53036-ranked-battles-season-4/


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