5.6.1 Datamine Changes (Nothing Important)

Over on reddit, Vaexa has the usual per-version changes that are made in secret and not revealed to the patch-note-reading plebs. This time, however, there really isn’t much at all:

Ship changes

  • Admiral Hipper’s turret arcs globally changed to 290 degrees (yes, this was listed)

Text changes

  • Lots of strings reformatted and fucked around with. Again. (specifically a lot of them had something like linebreaks in the localisation file before, those have been removed)

Stuff not in the data files I usually check that was changed anyway:

  • Black Sea port added for the other regions too
The Black Sea

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4m61sj/056_live_0561_data_changes/


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