Misc. Russian Info – 31/05/16

Not a Q&A, but Babykim has brought us some information from the Russian YouTuber getfun, who does his own news roundups.

On a related note, the NA server will be getting new Arpeggio missions as of June 6th.

1. USS Sims and IJN Yubari may soon hit the store, not so the Gremyashchy. The designers are unsure whether to release the Gremyashchy because of markedly different performance of this ship on different servers (some people actually manage to suck in it). Perhaps this ship will not be sold continuously, but be made available during a major seasonal or thematic event.

2. IJN Iwaki Alpha and USS Arkansas Beta may hit the store without the “Alpha” and “Beta” in their names.

3. The IJN Mikasa will not be sold on the Russian server till the implementation of the manual control on the secondary armament, which is particularly good on this ship.

4. The fate of the IJN Kitakami is not clear due to it being the epitome of a torpedo soup.

5. 14 new premium ships were planned for 2016, of which about one half has been released already. The actual number may even be higher.

6. The new R-Projekt on the Russian server will take place approximately between June 19 and July 31. It will feature ARP ships are awards. The unpopular lottery crates will be gone. The ultimate award may be the Russian cruiser Krasny Krim. Due to negative feedback on the first Russian R-Projekt, some modalities of the event will be changed following forum feedback prior to the start.

7. The new tech tree will be announced either in the beginning of June or the end of July, because these announcements often coincide with large gaming conventions. Some premium ships of the forthcoming tech tree will be released to allow preparing captains (German tier 4 battleship?).

8. The developers like the reception of the single-torpedo firing mode such as on USS Smith, and may make it a hallmark of a nation in the game. Feedback is being collected.

9. The new ranked battles season will start on June 3. Players who achieved the first rank in all seasons except the first test season will receive a unique tier 7 premium ship. Rewarding first ranks with special ships will probably be the future standard.

10. Changes to ranked battles include flags with credit bonuses and the best player on the losing team will not lose the star.

11. However, to slow down the ranking progress, no bonus stars for reaching certain ranks will be awarded.

I agree with the decision to not give bonus stars for reaching new ranks; that system allowed people to fail their way to Rank 1, which is of course the kind of thing we want to avoid.

However, I don’t agree with giving people who got Rank 1 in all the main seasons a unique ship, because that ignores the problems that made people not play some of the recent seasons, problems which are tentatively fixed now.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, Video by Getfun,


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