Russian Q&A – 28/06/16

Carnotzet has translated some more stuff from the Russian forums; this time it’s the normal Q&A mostly, rather than dev discussion focused on the new/upcoming patch. Of course, there’s still a few clarifications about things on the public test.

1. Why doesn’t Indianapolis have a torpedo belt whereas Pensacola and New Orleans do ?

A. Because it was not added when the ship was built. Moreover, the ship as it currently stands is relatively well balanced. That means that, currently, we don’t see the necessity to change her historical accuracy and add elements she didn’t have in reality.

2. Does targeting a ship for secondary guns to fire at increase their accuracy (not taking into account the 15 pts skill) ?

A. No, it doesn’t. It simply force the secondary guns AI to shoot at a specific target instead of choosing it itself.

3. Why do Cleveland‘s characteristics are gimped compared to older ships ?

A. Cleveland‘s characteristics are purposely reduced so she can stay at tier 6, instead of being at tier 8, which would be more suited. However, we didn’t felt it right to break gun caliber “progression” when we created the USN line.

As a tier 6 ship, she is excellent and quite popular, or rather, it’s the most popular tier 6 cruiser. She’s second in win rate and at the same level as her concurrent in terms of average damage. Naturally, she’s unrivaled when it comes to AA defense. 

Improving her characteristics while  keeping her at tier 6 would break balance. We would like to move it to tier 8 but there’s the risk it would inconvenience the players who own her. Moreover, it would requires the alteration of a well-established branch (or the addition of an alternative one). Currently, we’re not working on that and don’t plan to.

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5.8 Public Test Datamine

Vaexa on reddit has already datamined the changes in patch 5.8 from the current patch, and they’re about what you’d expect to see. Still interesting, and the confirmation of a few new ships is always good. I’ll see about posting the current stats of those ones when I get a chance.

Data changes

Ship changes


  • Tier 3 premium German battleship König Albert added
  • Tier 4 German battleship Kaiser added
  • Tier 7 (premium?) German battleship Scharnhorst added
  • Tier 7 premium USN cruiser Flint added
  • Tier 9 premium USN destroyer Black added
  • Placeholder data for ARP Takao added
  • Ar 196C and Fw 62 spotter planes added
  • Shell data for German battleships added


  • Pretty much every cruiser in the game and a handful of destroyers had their armour models changed (no nerfs/buffs, just more detailed armour models). This is absolutely too much to document, and the changes shouldn’t be very significant gameplay-wise anyway.
  • Yubari: HP buffed (18300 > 18700)
  • Profintern: name changed to Krasnyi Krym
  • Several ships got 360 degree arcs on their turrets, see table below
  • Data added for Bastion gamemode buildings

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Patch 5.8 Public Test

WoWsBastionPatch 5.7 is still fresh, and now we’ve got patch 5.8 on the horizon already! I really didn’t expect it this early, honestly, but it certainly isn’t a bad thing – though if you were looking forward to any real hint of German battleships, you won’t find anything in the patch notes. I suppose that’ll just have to wait for a bit later, won’t it?

You can view the full patch notes below, but here’s my quick rundown:

  • New “Bastion” game mode, involving forts that played can capture that give bonuses such as line of sight and artillery/AA support. Not a PvE game mode, as suspected.
  • Two new maps for tiers 7-10: “Sea of Fortune” and “Loop.”
  • Improved armour models for cruisers.
  • Completely new matchmaker which promises to be honest and fair, and is entirely revamped from the original one we have now. Looks pretty good.
  • New, details battle ribbons for main gun hits, non-penetrations, secondary battery hits, etc., as well as an in-battle damage counter.
  • Situational Awareness is fixed, and now always tells you if you’re spotted.
  • National voices for commanders.

Sources: EU Website, ASIA Website

Polish Q&A – 26/06/16

Now for something different! Thorontir on the EU Forums found a Q&A done by Ev1n on the Polish-speaking forums, and translated it for all of us. Thanks to him for that! Even though it’s not one of the “main” Q&As like on the Russian forums, the information here is quite interesting.

Q: Do you intend to award tier I premium ships as rewards?
A: From our point of view, the tier I premium ships do not make sense. Mainly because we don’t want experienced players to stick around those tiers.

Q: When can we expect German BBs and Royal Navy ships?
A: You can expect German BBs in the middle of the summer. They will be tested in a couple of weeks. First branch of Royal Navy can be expected at the end of Q3.

Q: Is the lack of early announcements, which would keep players interested in the game, related to the lack of development strategy and plans?
A: No. It is mainly related to changes in the strategy and very long time of introduction of said changes in a corporation as huge as WG. And I don’t mean dev team of WoWS, but rather the management and other teams.

Q: Due to very long period of time between introducing new branches, would it be possible to introduce new ships one by one, starting from lowest tiers instead of introducing the branch as a whole?
A: Currently we don’t consider this option, because it doesn’t fit with our publishing strategy for a game like WoWS. Even if we will give you tiny bits, you’ll be as hungry as before (if not more). Furthermore, this approach would not speed up the process of introducing new branches, because the development of the ships takes much time (3-7 months per ship).

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Yubari and Sims Are Back (EU & NA)

Back in Closed Beta Test, you could buy your way into the beta by getting a fancy preorder ship, or all of them. WG made a promise that they’d be exclusive for a year, and as of now, it’s been about that long.

On EU and NA (and likely ASIA soon, too) you can now buy the Sims and the Yubari, solo or in a bundle, if you don’t have them already from the preorder itself. In short, the Yubari is plain bad, and the Sims has garbage torpedoes but is a plenty fun gunboat, enough so to be considered the best of the three preorder ships back in CBT.

Wait, there was a third? Something… Russian, right? Ahhhh, forget about it; probably not important anyway.

Russian Q&A – 25/06/16

Carnotzet and Babykim have both brought us news from the Russian side of the community, with a short Q&A and a getfun digest video thing. It seems there’s a new port incoming!


I honestly have no idea what location it’s supposed to represent, but it looks like it could, perhaps, be Wilhelmshaven and the Jade, in Germany. That’s just my wild guess, though, partly based on the upcoming German battleships.

1. Me and a BB were fighting a DD up close and my secondary guns hit the friendly BB, which caused me to turn pink. Do you plan to fix this issue ?

A. We consider these situations unjust as well. Thus, it is likely we will remove friendly fire from secondaries altogether in 0.5.9 or 0.5.10.

2. I have a question regarding the latest changes to detection and SA. According to official info and to the circles on the minimap, the penalty appears and disappears immediately if at that moment nobody spotted you. But people noticed there is a certain delay. If, as a DD, I fire at a cruiser, get spotted (SA icon appearing) and within a second hide behind an island, the penalty disappears. On the other hand, If I remained spotted slightly longer, the penalty wouldn’t disappear. Is it a bug or a feature ?

A. In the current spotting system, you remain visible 3 seconds after you have left the line of sights of all enemies. In 0.5.8, SA will take this in consideration. In 0.5.9, we plan to get rid of this delay, along with adding improvements to the way smoke screen work.

3. Please explain how fighter squadrons ammo (loadout in game), dps and ammo consumption are linked together ?

A. The loadout value is in fact indicated by how many seconds the squadron can fight before running out of ammo. Strafing consumes ammo faster (generally, two strafes completely deplete ammo). The loadout varies for each aircraft. 

4. Why don’t CV’s have special perks like other classes do (defensive fire, smoke, etc.) ? And the defensive fire consumable you gave them doesn’t really count, or did you add it for this specific reason ?

A. CV’s have a unique gameplay. It doesn’t mean we will not make any changes to it, including adding a special perk.

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WoWs Email Surveys

As usual, WG has sent out surveys to players via email; you might’ve received one. Do fill it out! I always make sure to set aside a few minutes to run through it, even though the questions are usually the same or similar each time.

I have the wonderful belief that maybe these can make the game better, so be honest and constructive when you do the survey! Also check to see if it’s been dumped into your junk mail folder, too.