Patch 5.6.1 Notes

A new, small patch is coming in a few days; it’s not much, but it’s got a buff for Admiral Hipper, which I know will make a lot of people happy – New Orleans players not so much though, I imagine.

Changes and Improvements

Balance changes to German cruiser “Admiral Hipper”:

  • Hull (A):
    • Main Battery 2: A “dead zone” near the ship removed
    • Main Battery 3: Firing arc adjusted to 290 degrees
  • Hull (B):
    • Main Battery 2: Firing arc  adjusted to 290 degrees
    • Main Battery 3: A “dead zone” near the ship removed
  • Hull (C):
    • Main Batteries 1, 2, 3, 4: Firing arcs adjusted to 290 degrees

Improvements of firing arcs for the old hulls (A) and (B), and a new hull (C) are designed to increase playability for the ship in all configurations.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused uneven allocation of ship spawn points at the beginning of the battle on the Trident map.
  • When creating a division in the Ranked or Team Battle mode, the mode changes to Random Battle or Co-Op Battle if a player has game account of level 1-2.



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