Russian Q&A – 26/05/16

Just the usual Q&A this time! Translated by Carnotzet, of course, and though it’s nothing ground breaking today, it’s still nice to see a steady stream of answers from the devs.

1. Out of curiosity, when a player buys a premium account and plays both WoWs and WoT, how is the money split between the two projects, and what is the reasoning behind?

A. Both projects are made by the same company, It’s like subscribing to a theater, the shows are different but you pay at the same till.

2. Are citadels only possible through side armour penetrations or through deck armour as well? If deck armour is modeled, it should naturally be thinner than side armour and more prone to penetration at longer distances (since shells comes from the “top”). Is it thus possible to hit citadels through the deck at longer distances? Such mechanics would encourage players to fight at shorter distances.

A. In game, armour is modeled with high fidelity, deck armour included. It happens that players hit citadels through the deck. However, you must remember that shells don’t always fall vertically since the firing range we set in game is the effective range of the ship and not its “theoretical” maximum range. That is why for many ships the so-called “immune zone” falls on the furthest section of the firing range and thus it’s harder to penetrate the deck.

3. Are you working on improving AA and dual purpose gunfire visuals, since shells seem not to come from gun barrels and the guns don’t rotate towards planes?

A. We’re working on it but, like with all the other visual improvements, we’re limited by the game performance since it must run on many different system configurations. With time, all visual aspects of the game will be improved but it’s a long and slow process. Regarding the time at which they will be done, I suggest you follow the patch notes.

4. Do you plan to give CV players the ability to manually use their secondary armaments so they can better defend themselves against DD’s?

A. No since CV’s should fear such situations and DD’s, for their part, should have a well-deserved advantage after succeeding in coming close to a CV.

5a. Do you think Moskva is overpowered? Firing range, rate of fire, turret rotation speed, caliber, penetration values, ability to tank 460mm shells from the bow, her only downsides are concealment and big silhouette.

A. I don’t think so.

5b. Have you considered giving US DD’s two different slots for their Engine Boost and Defensive Fire? Since half the time, one of them is useless. For example, three times in a row I chose Defensive Fire but there’s no CV’s in the battles. So I decide to change and take Engine Boost and join a battle with 2 CV’s on each side.

A. We thought about it, but decided not to do it.

6a. How is the battle against bots going? Are you making any progress?

A. Bots are not a problem for the game. Currently, we look at all of the reports regarding bots in order to identify their behaviours and prevent the mass appearance of bots in the future.

6b. Do you plan on adding higher tier Soviet BB’s, like for example the class Sevastopol is of, equipped with torpedoes; of course, she wouldn’t compete with Tirpitz but I think she would be fun to sail.

A. We plan to add many more ships, including Soviet ships.

7. Diana is missing half of her secondary guns (12 x 75mm secondary guns instead of 24). Why don’t you fix it?  [follows a detailed explanation]

A. Thank you for your detailed explanation, now I understand your point. I will discuss it with my colleagues and we will give a constructive answer in a post when we’ll have one to share.

8. In the patch notes [mind you, only Russian patch notes because reasons…], it is written Hindenburg‘s engines are immune to be disabled from the explosion of HE shells up to 203 mm of caliber.

Does it mean it includes 203 mm shells? And what happens with Moskva‘s 220 mm shells ? I saw a video where a Moskva disables Hindenburg‘s engines five times in a row. Do you think it’s fair to be unable to move for so long?

A. It includes 203 mm shells (so engines won’t be disabled from 203 mm HE shells).

Yes, Moskva can disable Hindenburg‘s engines. But, on the other hand, she can dish out a lot of damage. By the way, I would recommend you to read the comments on that video and the purpose of this kind of “tests”.

9a. When activating Defensive Fire without any planes around, AA guns still start to fire blindly into the sky. Is it a bug?

A. It’s a known issue, we’re in the process of fixing it.

9b. Can Defensive Fire hit allied planes when they come into our AA zone?

A. No, AA normally don’t hit allied planes.

10. You already implemented Dx11 support in WoT and it improved FPS and game stability on many systems. When can we expect Dx11 support in WoWs?

A. We’re constantly working on implementing new technologies aimed at improving graphical fidelity as well as performance. Though, I will say that this process isn’t very fast and easy. There is no reason for us to disclose our current plans in that regards for now, but you will be informed on our progress in the patch notes.

11a. It seems that certain classes of ships have absolutely no chances when fighting certain classes. For example, a high tier BB simply cannot win against a CV if the players are of above average skill. Do you imply that a BB cannot win because it was so historically speaking or is there a balancing process involved in that decision?

A. Technically, all things be equal, a ship of one class can fight a ship of another class. However, each ship has its preferred and worst enemies. We try to detect cases where a ship have absolutely no chance against another and fix this situation. On the other hand, we don’t want to give players equal chances when fighting every ship without having to think about whom to engage and whom to fear.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev Answer thread


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