Tech Tree Premiums on NA

Added with patch 5.6, which arrives tomorrow, are the following ships:

  • Tirpitz (T8)12,500 Doubloons
  • Mikhail Kutuzov (T8)10,250 Doubloons
  • Warspite (T6)6,500 Doubloons
  • Texas (T5)5,150 Doubloons
  • Blyskawica (T7)4,800 Doubloons
  • Molotov (T6)4,550 Doubloons
  • Campbeltown (T3)1,650 Doubloons
  • Diana (T2)1,650 Doubloons
  • Emden (T2)1,500 Doubloons
  • Tachibana (T2) – 950 Doubloons

This is for the NA server only, of course, and is the same as what we were told before. Presumably, the EU server will get the ships detailed here, with prices to be determined.



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