New Punishments for Cheaters

All of the WoWs servers have recently started a new campaign to eliminate the use of mods to cheat in the game. Aim assist, that sort of thing. Important to note, though, is that there isn’t a specific list of what mods or exact types of mods will bring the banhammer down on players. This is all being automatically enforced through a new ‘detection mechanism’ that WG is now using; this also comes hot on the heels of an increase in the consequences for teamkilling.

In short, a bunch of people across all servers (except ASIA) were banned after it was found they were using these unnamed illegal mods. This ban lasts for 7 days, and the players are sent an email explaining why they were banned. If they keep using the mod(s) that got them banned in the first place, they’re banned for good.

ASIA is doing things a bit differently: players using mods will be sent the aforementioned email, but won’t be immediately banned. Instead, their in-game names will be coloured brown – like the pink of TKers – and any damage they deal will be reflected back on them. If they don’t uninstall the illegal mods after 24-48 hours, the same system as above will go into effect.

It seems interesting that WG is going so harsh on this and TKing recently; it makes me wonder if this is being done in response to TKing/cheating being a likely (possibly major) cause of a downturn in player population. That’s just my speculation, though.

Sources: ASIA Forums Announcement, EU Forums Announcement, NA Forums Announcement


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