Russian Q&A – 20/05/16

Carnotzet on the EU forums is back with another translation; it’s a bit smaller than the last set, but I think the actual answers themselves in this one are more informative. Well, just about as informative as they really could be expected to be, anyhow.

1. Please explain why Situation Awareness is not working as before patch 0.5.5.? (link to the video showing the issue)

A. We haven’t changed detection mechanics so that such an effect shouldn’t have appeared. We currently think that these issues are linked to the client repackaging and the changes we made to loading process of objects. We will continue to monitor the situation and, if necessary, we will implement a fix in one of the next updates.

2. I love tier 2 battles the most: small tier gap, no torpedoes, no CV’s. Battles focused purely on ships. However, there is a serious problem, that is players skill level. There aren’t any problem with the number of players at that tier since I can find a battle within 10 seconds. This means that many players with 2000 or 3000 battles play at that rank. At the end of the battle, I look the best players (those with 5-6 ships destroyed) profiles and they usually have 600-800 battles played at tier 2. In two months, I haven’t even reached 600 battles and here is a “sealclubber” killing half a team.

Moreover, this situation is quite demoralizing for new players who will just leave the game out of frustration.

Couldn’t you implement some sort of brackets taking into account the number of games played by players (one bracket every 500 battles or so)?

A. You can play at whatever tier you like, however, I must emphasize the fact that the game assumes players go up tiers.

New players already have a dedicated matchmaking system (sandbox) which only new players take part in for their first 30 battles. We will think about a way to introduce new players to the game more smoothly.

For the rest (the players who deliberately play a lot of battles a low tiers), well, that’s life.

3.a. Teamkillers aren’t punished hard enough. Do you plan to do something about that?

A. More severe measures will be introduced in patch 0.5.6.

3.b. When can we expect new tier 5-6 maps?

A. Likely in 0.5.7. or 0.5.8. After that, we’ll see.

4. Wouldn’t it be possible to implement quick messages to inform teammates of our consumables reload time? For example, by pressing Ctrl + the number of a consumable or armament (torpedoes, smoke, etc), it would tell the team how long till the consumable is available.

A. This is very interesting idea. In fact, it has been brought up internally but it was abandoned for various reasons. We will try to “revive” it. 

5. What do you think about this matter?

[In this post, a player talks about citadel overpens and if they should inflict more damage than the current 1/10 of max damage. At the current time (8pm CET, 20 May), the poll results are as follows:

  • like right now – 10% : 12%
  • 25% max damage : 36%
  • 50% max damage : 35%
  • full damage : 17% ]

A. Distinguishing the different types of overpens is an interesting, although not new, idea.

I already said that we plan to make some game mechanics clearer. This matter is also included in that.

[Note from Carnotzet regarding some potential translations:]

There are a couple of other questions I left out since I find them not that interesting. Here are the topics discussed. If you’d like a translation, feel free to say so.

  • Warspite should have longer range according to a 1976 article (answer doesn’t give much more information than the latest question about Warspite’s shells)
  • Chat bans in training rooms or general chat.
  • Rant about Roon and Hindenburg not being much of an upgrade over Hipper (again, the answer doesn’t give much information since the question is a rant).
  • Recent interface shortcomings (the answer links to a dev poll about the interface quality)
  • BB accuracy is too low.

Quite interesting to see that – from what I can parse, anyhow – Sub_Octavian is implying that the infamous Situational Awareness changes are not intentional, unlike what previous dev responses have told us. We can only hope that now it’ll get sorted out, if not for patch 5.6.

On a lighter note, more mid-tier maps are very welcome, though I’m still enjoying Trident a lot; it’s a gorgeous map.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev Answer thread


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