New Teamkilling Punishments on NA

Over the past few months, WG has generally been trying to cut down on teamkilling and team damage. I don’t really have much experience with this, to be honest, since for some reason I don’t attract teamkillers or something! But what the NA server is doing now feels pretty good to me.

You can read the exact details below, but to sum it up, it’s a month-by-month system, starting in April, tracking people who teamkill and shoot allies. If you’ve played at least 10 battles in the month and have at least 5 TKs (this doesn’t specify actual kills, or instances of damage), you get a warning if you’ve done team damage in 10% or less of your battles. 11% or more, however, and you get various ban lengths based on how often you’re attacking your allies – up to a full, permanent ban. No appeals accepted.

For people suffering because of TKers, I hope this helps you, and hopefully the other servers have something similar planned.



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