Premium Ships Available For EU

Well, we know what premium ships NA is going to be getting in their in-game tech tree, and now we’ve got the list for the EU server, as well. Here’s what they are, with some important differences from NA:

  • Japan:
    • Tachibana (Destroyer; II)
    • Mikasa (Battleship; II)
  • USA:
    • USS Marblehead (Cruiser; V)
    • USS Saipan (Carrier; VII)
  • USSR:
    • Diana (Cruiser; II)
  • Germany:
    • Emden (Cruiser; II)
  • UK:
    • HMS Campbeltown (Destroyer; III)
    • HMS Warspite (Battleship; VI)

According to Ectar, Tirpitz and Blyskawica will be coming at a later date. It’s interesting that EU is getting the Mikasa to buy with doubloons, though. Kind of a controversial ship.

Like NA, these will be arriving in about a month.



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