Patch 5.6 Datamined Info

On Reddit, Vaexa has posted some information taken from the game files, which wasn’t detailed in the 5.6 public test patch notes. That means this stuff isn’t fully set in stone, and is likely to change at least a little bit before 5.6 is fully released.

Ranked Battles are definitely coming quite soon, considering that the rewards have been added and some major rules changes have been made.

Balance changes

Ship changes

  • Katori: turret HP buffed (5000 > 7500)
  • Nurnberg: C hull added
  • Tirpitz: AA buffed, torpedo traverse arcs nerfed (-2 degrees)
  • Colorado: AA buffed (some 40mm duals changed to quads)
  • Nagato: AA changed, armor model changed
  • Amagi: AA buffed (more 25mms), base secondary range buffed (4.5 > 5km)
  • Moskva: secondary range buffed (5 > 6.5km), secondary dispersion buffed
  • North Carolina: secondary range buffed (4.5 > 5km), main gun turret arcs buffed, main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 2, basically more accurate), AA buffed (twin oerlikons changed to singles, 40mm duals changed to quads)
  • Iowa: secondary range buffed (5 > 6km), main gun turret arcs buffed, main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 1.9), AA buffed (40mm duals changed to quads, 20mm singles changed to duals), speed buffed (30.5 > 33kts)
  • Montana: secondary range buffed (5 > 6km), main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 1.9), speed buffed (28 > 30kts), AA buffed (20mm singles changed to duals)
  • New Mexico: AA buffed
  • Cleveland: secondary range buffed (4 > 5km)
  • Hindenburg: main gun turret arcs nerfed, AA changed
  • Kuma: AA buffed (7.7mm machine guns changed to 13.2mm machine guns)
  • Admiral Hipper: armor changed (A & B hulls), AA changed (A & B hulls), C hull added
  • Roon: AA changed, artillery changes per hull
  • Karlsruhe: torpedo arcs nerfed, armor changed, hull section HP redistributed, engine became more vulnerable to HE, secondary guns buffed, artillery upgrade added
  • Udaloi: torpedo arcs buffed
  • Furutaka: C hull added (has a gun layout similar to Aoba’s, different secondaries, and better AA)
  • Indianapolis: radar consumable added
  • Aoba: magazine HP buffed, hull section HP values changed, AA buffed, HP buffed (26.3k > 30.5k/30.5k > 31.9k for the A and B hulls respectively)
  • Fuso: AA changed (13mms replaced by 25mms, 25mm layout changed)
  • Svetlana: AA changed (medium-range guns replaced by lower-DPS long range guns), HE and AP shell names changed (Characteristics remain identical)
  • Konigsberg: hull section HP redistributed, armor model changed, engine hitbox became more vulnerable to HE, AA changed, B hull now has a catapult fighter
  • Molotov: AA changed

Gun & shell changes

  • German 150mm SK L/45 armor model changed.
  • German 203mm semi-AP shells replaced by true HE shells (2300 > 2500dmg, 11% > 13% fire chance) for Hipper, Roon and Hindenburg
  • German 55mm Gerät AA gun’s DPS nerfed.
  • Russian 37mm 70K, 66K and 46K AA guns’ range buffed.

Visual stuff

  • Amagi: turrets remodeled (rangefinders)
  • Nagato: turrets remodeled (rangefinders)

UI and text changes

  • Lots of things rephrased for clarity (a common complaint from CBT), particularly skill and module descriptions.
  • Text added for the new post-match screen.
  • Text added for AOGAS (Anti Online Gaming Addiction System). It’s a Chinese thing.
  • Text added for new UI tooltips.
  • Text added for a fifth consumable slot and a ”Catapult Bomber”.
  • Text added for new minimap (there’ll be options for what you want shown: AA range, secondary range, last known positions, primary firing range, torpedo range, detectability by air and sea)
  • Text added for an option to disable SHIFT for CVs.
  • Text added for revamped permoflages.
  • Text added for new USN ensign flag.
  • Text added for visbility with various debuffs for the port screen.
  • Text added for GNB flags. They’re adorable.
  • Text added for GNB camos. Also absolutely adorable.
  • Text added for ”Sea Wolf” rank (?)
  • Text added for new maps.
  • Text added for TK tooltips.
  • Text added for ranked stuff.

New ranked rules added.

  • “The first player on the losing team does not lose a star.”
  • “Players that get into top-nth of the losing team do not lose a star.”

Miscellaneous changes

  • Fire and sinking effects changed.
  • Some decorations for new maps added.
  • Models and the like added for new modules.
  • Loads of .swf files changed. Modders beware.

Ranked rewards preloaded.

  • All signal flags x5
  • All signal flags x10
  • All signal flags x50
  • Selection of 5 flags x10
  • Selection of 5 flags x25
  • Selection of 5 flags x50
  • Battlepack 1 (Selection of 6 flags) x10
  • Battlepack 1 (Selection of 6 flags) x25
  • Battlepack 1 (Selection of 6 flags) x50
  • Battlepack 2 (Selection of 6 flags) x10
  • Battlepack 2 (Selection of 6 flags) x25
  • Battlepack 2 (Selection of 6 flags) x50
  • Ranked Camo x10
  • Ranked Camo x100
  • Doubloons x1,000
  • Ranked Camo x100 + Doubloons x2,500 + Credits x5,000,000
  • Season 4 flag (“Midway”) x1

Doubloons for Ranked, eh? Now that is a clever new way to make people want to play. I wonder what the Midway flag looks like, though, considering that all flags up to this point have been flags of famous ports and naval bases.

Also, catapult bombers! Ooh, that’s going to be fun.



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