NA Server Dev Q&A Upcoming

On the NA Forums, Quemapueblos has made a thread about a cool upcoming event of sorts: he will soon be travelling to st. Petersburg, where Lesta Studio is based. There, he’ll ask questions that the community has sent in and then afterwards provide us with the answers.

I hope the answers will be good and satisfactory and not the rather bland ones I fear we could get. The questions compiled so far, however, are pretty decent; here’s what they are as of this post:

  • Preventative Maintenance – Does it affect Main Batteries, Secondaries or Anti-Air?
  • When do you plan to improve Anti-Aliasing?
  • Do you plan to reduce Division Tier Spread? What is the purpose of allowing players to do this?
  • When/Are we getting Unified Accounts?
  • Matchmaker
    • Unbalanced battles
    • Same maps
    • Queue Times – Team Battles
  • What kinds of new cosmetics can we expect?
    • Will it ever be possible to mount multiple memorial flags?
    • What about more exterior customization options?
  • How do you plan to balance Carriers in the future?
    • US Carriers feel unpowered compared to IJN counterparts
    • Dive Bombers feel ineffective
  • Are high tier repair cost reductions here to stay?
  • The music in the game is awesome, where can I get the soundtrack?
  • Why is secondaries accuracy so terrible? Is there a plan to make them more accurate in the future?
  • Will there be a easier way to access replays?

Go ahead and send in your answers if you’re got an account on the NA Forums, and maybe your question will be answered, if you’re lucky!



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