Misc. Russian Info – 14/05/16

Some news now, and a bit of it is in advance; Babykim provided some info from the Russian YouTuber getfun, and I’ve got a little translation (courtesy of therassvet on Reddit) from the RU Forums, part of a bigger Q&A which Carnotzet will hopefully translate fully, later.

The main tidbit of this Q&A is quite nice, though, so I’ll put it right below. Enjoy!

Q: The Molotov apparently is modeled after it’s 1942-1944 state. During this period, four 37mm anti-aircraft guns were installed on the roofs of the second and third turret. But these guns are missing on game ship model. However, Tirpitz has her (turret) roof AA guns.

A: By the way, Tirpitz AA guns are not working. They will be enabled in 0.5.6. Same patch, Molotov and several other ships will receive their AA guns on main battery turrets.

And from Babykim:

1. Currently player surveys about the MM appear at the end of the battle. If you leave the battle before it ends, you will not get a survey. This will be changed in the future, so that more players can partake. The developers say that the data collected in surveys are analyzed by a competent team.

2. The developers concede shortcomings in the balancing of divisions that pertain to the distribution of divisions between the teams.

3. One developer said that a new matchmaking engine is under development. No details.

Looking forward to that turret AA for Tirpitz, definitely. Perhaps the fact that they’re able to animate turret-top AA now means we might get historical turret-mounted secondary guns and catapult planes? Hopefully.

Sources: Reddit, RU Forums Dev Answer thread, EU Forums info thread, Video by Getfun


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