Russian Info Roundup – 13/05/16

I’m back! And, unfortunately for me, tons of stuff happened while I was gone – I really should’ve expected that, in hindsight. Now I’m going to get right to writing about that, starting with lots of information – Q&A and otherwise – from the Russian side. Thanks to Carnotzet, Babykim, Kartoffelmos, Takeda92 on the EU forums for finding and posting all this.

It’s a long piece, but enjoy!

1. You said before you would give Atago her historical AA configuration(without giving a specific timeline). In the latest patch, nothing was done in that regard, and Atago is still equipped with non-historical 25mm Type 96 AA guns. Could you please explain why is it so difficult to give her the proper guns? You already modeled triple and double batteries a long time ago, so where lies the problem in swapping some single gun batteries with double and triple ones? It would take about 20 minutes. Moreover, it wouldn’t make Atago‘s AA defense much more powerful. In addition, when will we see Atago with her historical model (original camouflage, radar type 22, original floatplane, original bridge and superstructure)?

A. We’re planning to go over the AA configuration of several ships, including Atago. These changes should come in patch 0.5.6., but Atago will remain as it is for now. The problem doesn’t lie in the difficulty of the whole process since changing the AA configuration on one ship isn’t indeed a highly complex task. However, in the current meta, Atago is performing to the limits of being “overpowered”, and a new AA configuration would make her even more powerful. If we’d do that, we would have to make balancing changes, and you know very well how players would react to the rebalance of a tier 8 premium ship. In brief, Atago will remain as it is for now.

Regarding your other considerations, they were transmitted to the 3D department as soon as they were found out about. I haven’t heard about them since, but I’ll ask again at the next meeting.

2. What do you think about this? LINK [it’s a poll about the tier spread players would like to see. As of now (8 May), out of about 210 voting players, 55% prefer a +/-1 spread (instead of a +/-2).]

A. I see what 175 players on the official forum think. [At the time of his answer, only 175 players had voted, thus the discrepancy between the two numbers.]

3. I’ve been interested in questions regarding illegal mods, particularly aim assist. How many players have been punished for using this mod? Moreover, could you create a topic showing the name of all the players that have been found using illegal mods?

A. Currently, that mod is flagged as “undesirable”, which implies that:

  • we are still fighting it on a client level, which means that, every update, the game client is better protected. According to our plans, after some time, making such mod will become so complex that it will stop being profitable, thus the mod will lose its meaning (those mods are created first of all to make money);
  • we do not punish players on the sole fact they use it, and we do not organise “public repression” (by disclosing the name of those who were punished);
  • we do not support this mod and the discussions held on official resources (forums, webpages, etc.).

In the case our actions were not effective, we reserve the right to enforce harsher policies. However, we are happy with the current situation for now.

4. When will we see ships wake added in game? At the moment, it looks like ships are “flying” across the water.


A. We have a lot of room for improving the effects of ships interacting with the water surface, but we’re primarily limited by the game performance, especially on low end configurations. We will try to make improvements in the aspect of the game you’ve mentioned, but I can’t give you a specific timeline.

5. What are the first results regarding the changes made to counter the torpedo soup? How much did the overall damage inflicted by torpedoes drop? Did the number of DD’s in random battles drop as well?

A. I recently looked at the different types of damage inflicted to high tier BB’s. Tier 10 BB’s receive about 5% less damage from ship launched torpedoes. Truth be told, the soup problem is bigger than what we can see from the damage done by torpedoes. You have to remember that the changes we’ve made are rather minor (despite the horrors described by IJN DD’s owners) and thus their effects are rather minor as well. We will now evaluate the results of these changes and then work on thinning the soup further with similar or new methods. As I have already said several times, we now prefer to make balance changes little by little with precise and small steps, instead of what we did in 0.5.3.

1. The map Mountain range is supposed to be played only at tier 9-10, but tier 8 and 7 ships are drafted into this map as well. Is it working as intended?

A. I believe there is a confusion in the terms used. The battle tier always imply a +2 range (the tier of a battle determines the maximum tier of ships you will be able to meet in battle, not including divisions). Consequently, for tier 7 ships, the maximum tier is 9. Tier 9 ships can play on Mountain range, which thus means that tier 7 ships can play on that map as well. On the other hand, tier 6-8 battles cannot be played on that map.

2. a) How does Target acquisition system mod.1 work with Vigilance?

b) If I understand it correctly, Target acquisition system increases vision during the cyclone?

c) With the addition of shell initial velocity values in port, how does it help us determine shell arc, penetration, etc.?

A. a)[torpedo detection range]*1.25*1.2= *1.5.

b) No. The cyclone decreases the maximum vision range, regardless of bonuses. Regarding the assured acquisition range, it is increased in any case, cyclone or not.

c) They are several other parameters to take into consideration. For example, shell velocity drops significantly the closer it is to the maximum firing range. In addition to that, shell weight is also very important. As you very well know, battles aren’t always fought at point blank range. Generally speaking, high shell velocity (coupled with high shell mass) is better. Heavy shells fired at high velocity have better penetrating power and shell arc. Moreover, they lose less velocity in flight compared to lighter shells.

3. a) At the moment, there isn’t any skill improving cruisers and BB’s main guns, whereas there are 4 for DD’s (BFT, TAE, AFT). Will you add new skills or change current ones?

b) I thought that Fire prevention reduced the risk of fires by 7% but then I learnt from the forums that is is much less. Would you consider making adjustments to this skill?

A. a) Not in the near future. On a side note, I’d like to add that:

  • BFT works on AA and secondary guns and that, besides DD’s, it is also very useful on most BB’s and cruisers, as well as CV’s in some situations.
  • TAE works on all ships equipped with torpedoes (all DD’s, many cruisers, and Tirpitz) and on CV’s TB’s.
  • AFT, just look at my first point.
  • Where’s the fourth skill?

b) Regarding Fire prevention, I agree with you entirely. The explanation is not accurate and mechanics regarding the fire chance reduction aren’t explained in the interface. This is bad but the mechanic itself is working as intended. We will work on making it clearer without having to explain it on several pages.

4. How does Repair Party work in the following situation: I’m burning / flooding and activate Repair Party. Will it heal only the grey part of the damage that was shown prior to its activation or will it also heal the accumulating damage done by the DoT during the consumable active time?

A. If Repair Party is active, any new damage received follow the same rules. It can be seen on the ship profile (which shows the ship hit points) and sometimes it’s even possible to survive on the last remaining hit points long enough for Damage control party to be available again.

  • IJN cruisers from tier 4 to tier 6 have had their AA adjusted (buffed), with Aoba getting an additional 10 DPS at long range while Furutaka gets better long range AA (20) as well as better self-defence AA.
  • Furutaka gets an improved third hull with 3 turrets which also rotate faster (one additional deg/s).
  • Nürnberg, Hipper and Königsberg get new/updated top hulls, with Königsberg getting a catapult fighter.
  • Tier 4 and tier 6-8 IJN BBs get [buffed] AA.
  • Secondary guns get their [clarification: AA] damage output reduced on some IJN ships (100 mm/65 Type98, mounted on f.ex. Zao/Ibuki); the “aura strength” gets reduced from 0.208 to 0,133.
  • Tier 8-10 USN BBs get longer range on their secondary guns (tier-dependant) and [buffed] AA.
  • Nagato and Omaha get updated turrets, not sure if there is anything different with the stats.
  • Iowa and Montana receive a speed buff, the top speed is now 33 and 30 knots, respectively.
  • The 37 mm 46-K gets improved range on all Soviet ships (from 2,0 km to 3,2 km and from 3,2 km to 3,5 km, depending on ship).
  • Tier 7 USN cruiser Indianapolis is also added.

On the NA forums, they said that NC and Iowa’s AA was massively buffed, not nerfed, with all the dual 40mm replaced with quads.

Karlsruhe also received more torpedo tubes it seems. Nurnberg received a lower C hull that trades 2 tubes for massive AA upgrade.

The IJN BBs replaces all the 13.2mm with 25mm (which what should be) and it seems the Nagato turret change adds the rangefinders on the 2nd and 3rd turrets.

[From Babykim, about a video by the Russian YouTuber getfun]

1. The Russian tier 5 premium cruiser, the better Svetlana, will be called Krasnyi Krym (Red Krimea), not Profintern. The developers initially expected negative reaction on the more historical but perhaps also more controversial name in light of the recent political developments, but instead were met with strong pressure by the RU player base to choose the historical name.

2. An alternative hull for the cruiser Hipper featuring the Atlantic bow is forthcoming in 0.5.6.

3. The Königsberg gets a plane.

4. The Iowa (33 knots) and Montana (30 knots) top speeds will change.

5. The Aoba gets 1,500 additional hit points.

6. Torpedo soup. The developers observe a 5 percent reduction in the ship torpedo damage to tier X battleships. Further measures for nerfing torpedo soups will be taken. But these additional measures will be less drastic than those in 0.5.5. Following the negative reception of the patch 0.5.3, the developers are reluctant to introduce significant changes.

[From Carnotzet, on MM, from the Russian forums]

The post starts with a poll about whether the matchmaker should take into account players’ skill. As of now (12 May 00:00), about 70% say no (from a total of about 100 voting players).

However, the important part comes from Vallter_, who responded to the thread. Apparently, a fairly large survey is being conducted on the Russian cluster where players are randomly chosen before a battle to take part in it. Then, after said battle, they are asked to rate the matchmaking. These answers, along with several other details (team composition, maps played, etc.) are transmitted to WG analysts, who examine the data. In brief, they are collecting data to see how to improve the matchmaking for most players.

They are fully aware that the matchmaker is far from perfect and are working on improving it. By doing this survey, they wanted to understand better what to change precisely and what shouldn’t be made worse.

However, a player raised a valid concern. He suggested that the survey be made before the battle begins since players are heavily affected by emotions after the battle ends.

To this, Vallter_ responds that, for now, they can only give out survey at the end of a battle.

Divisions are also affecting the matchmaking in some weird way (one team having more ships than the other). That is why they plan to accurately fix division balancing.

Sources: EU Forums Info Thread, RU Forums Dev Answer thread, Video by RU Community Contributor Getfun


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