Situational Awareness Bug: Dev Response

After it was reported recently, the devs have looked into the issue people have been widely talking about regarding Situational Awareness. As I mentioned in the last post about this, Situational Awareness isn’t popping up when you’re spotted, which is thought to be related to the changes to spotting that were made in patch 5.5.

Apparently, according to Tuccy (WG EU Staff) this is working as intended. He says that Situational Awareness worked this way even back in the closed alpha test, with the player being visible for 3 seconds after the icon disappears. Any longer than this is a bug, but the devs don’t seem to have confirmed any duration longer than the 3 seconds.

As you can expect, people disagree with this, and aren’t happy.

This seems really dodgy to me, and I hope that the issue stays in the spotlight so that WG properly addresses it. The answer we’ve gotten so far isn’t satisfactory and, at best, implies that there’s been some kind of problem with the skill since it was introduced.



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