Russian Q&A – 04/05/16

There’s been barely anything lately – just the lull after a regular update, I suppose – but Carnotzet has managed to find some bits of Q&A to keep us busy. Enjoy!

1. In patch 0.5.5., several ships were changed, in particular a few torpedoes. The thing is that on some DD’s I don’t need Torpedo Acceleration, and on others, I do.

Thus, I need to spend doubloons to respec my captains! Why weren’t the changes tied up with a free captain respec?

A. The skill is working as intended and in this case, we didn’t believe a free respec was needed. On the other hand, it will likely come in patch 0.5.6., in addition to other changes. We don’t need to give free captain respec with every change we make to ships characteristics or captain skills. We consider each case separately and make a decision based on that.

2. When will tier 9 ships be added to team battles?

A. We currently think it’s not worth it. We changed our plans.

3. Did you change something regarding shell accuracy and penetration? It seems I can’t get as many citadels as before.

A. We haven’t changed anything regarding shell ballistics. 

4. Is it normal that on the pre-battle screen, premium ship names are written in white, just like standard ships (no more in gold)?

A. Yes, that’s how it was intended to be.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev Answers thread


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