Potential Premiums Coming in May

From left to right: Texas, Molotov, Marblehead, and Indianapolis.

This is a very pretty wallpaper that WG EU released recently. Do any of those ships look familiar? Well, two definitely should: USS Texas and USS Marblehead, the former of which was just released on the NA server. If you’ve been following game model leaks, then you’ll know all about the Russian cruiser Molotov, second from the left.

The one on the far right is the mystery, but just looking at its camouflage makes it clear which ship it is: the USS Indianapolis, a Portland-class heavy cruiser made famous for her last mission and her sinking. There’s a Nicolas Cage movie coming out soon about her story, which would not surprise me in the least if the two were somehow related.

Here’s the source WG likely used for her camouflage.

Transporting material for atomic bombs, her mission and course were kept absolutely secret – and so when she was sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Pacific, there was no help for her crew, who suffered dehydration and shark attacks. Of a crew of 1,196, only just over 300 were eventually rescued.

She’s a unique ship with a fascinating history, so it makes sense for her to be added into the game. For the EU server, at least, we can expect these four ships to be on sale through the month of May – or, at least, that’s what this wallpaper seems to be implying.

As always, we can only wait and see what announcements come up. We have been promised new premiums this month, though.

Source: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/grand-naval-battles-intro/


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