High Tier Repair Discount Coming to EU

After running for a couple months on RU and NA, now EU will get to have fun with reduced repair costs, too. For tiers 8-10, repair costs – that is, the cost of repairing/maintaining the ship after each battle, not including ammunition – will be reduced by 25%, and this will last until August.

Definitely a good move from Wargaming; I really do hope that this brings more people to the game, and helps keep people playing. The last thing WoWs needs is more people leaving.

Also, both EU and ASIA now have the cruiser USS Indianapolis available in their stores.

EDIT: the NA server has had their repair discount from the last two months continued for another month, as well. Rejoice!

Source: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/event-calendar/


Patch 5.6.1 Notes

A new, small patch is coming in a few days; it’s not much, but it’s got a buff for Admiral Hipper, which I know will make a lot of people happy – New Orleans players not so much though, I imagine.

Changes and Improvements

Balance changes to German cruiser “Admiral Hipper”:

  • Hull (A):
    • Main Battery 2: A “dead zone” near the ship removed
    • Main Battery 3: Firing arc adjusted to 290 degrees
  • Hull (B):
    • Main Battery 2: Firing arc  adjusted to 290 degrees
    • Main Battery 3: A “dead zone” near the ship removed
  • Hull (C):
    • Main Batteries 1, 2, 3, 4: Firing arcs adjusted to 290 degrees

Improvements of firing arcs for the old hulls (A) and (B), and a new hull (C) are designed to increase playability for the ship in all configurations.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused uneven allocation of ship spawn points at the beginning of the battle on the Trident map.
  • When creating a division in the Ranked or Team Battle mode, the mode changes to Random Battle or Co-Op Battle if a player has game account of level 1-2.

Source: http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ver-0561-patchnotes/

USS Indianapolis Available on NA

Right in time for Memorial Day, the long-awaited tier 7 American cruiser Indianapolis is on sale for the NA server. She doesn’t seem too bad, though I’m not a huge US cruiser player, myself. There’s also a film that came out a few days ago (Indianapolis: Men of Courage) starring Nicolas Cage, which is all about the story of the Indianapolis.

Source: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/premium-ship-spotlight-Indianapolis/

Russian Q&A – 27/05/16

Some more from Carnotzet today! Also some things that Babykim managed to round up, which, I’ll admit, is probably my favourite part: we’ve got semi-news about upcoming tech trees, including German battleships. Wunderbar!

1. Why can’t Tachibana’s third gun rotate all the way around? This issue also concerns several other ships. Fixing this would help them a lot in certain situations.

A. Certain ships turrets cannot rotate all the way around because of technical limitations (by technical, I mean in real life, they couldn’t rotate all the way) but it very well may have been an oversight on our end. We will look into this issue regarding Tachibana and other ships. We will then decide what to do.

2. With AA defense being improved on a lot of ships, why Arkansas wasn’t changed?

A. We don’t plan to change Arkansas in the near future. Firstly, her AA setup (or rather lack thereof) reflects her historical setup (very early on), secondly, she has a lot more upgrade slots, which balances out this drawback.

3. Do you plan to add some form of punishment to players who misuse the report feature?

A. No, we currently don’t have any plans in that regard.

4. It happens sometimes that secondaries guns fire at allied ships and because of that, we can turn pink without having any control on how those guns fire. Do you plan to do anything regarding this issue?

A. We already received several reports on this issue. We will look into it and make a decision after that.

5. Why don’t you want to color shell types with different colors? Certain mods already do this. I consider seeing what type of shells are fired on me quite important.

A. It should be possible to implement that. We will develop such feature.

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Battle of Jutland Forum Event (EU)

I don’t usually post about forum contests, but this one is special. Not the competition itself, mind you, but the prize: a piece of teak from the battleship HMS Valiant, most famous for seeing action at the battles of Jutland (1916) and Cape Matapan (1941).


Prizes are awarded for players sailing HMS Warspite; you can win prizes by either doing lots of damage in a battle and surviving, or by doing lots of damage specifically with your secondary guns. Unlike some other forum competitions, though, with this one you need to send in a picture of your battle report if you’re to qualify for the competition.

Also, this is only for EU players.

Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F52655-battle-of-jutland-centenary-competition%2F

Russian Q&A – 26/05/16

Just the usual Q&A this time! Translated by Carnotzet, of course, and though it’s nothing ground breaking today, it’s still nice to see a steady stream of answers from the devs.

1. Out of curiosity, when a player buys a premium account and plays both WoWs and WoT, how is the money split between the two projects, and what is the reasoning behind?

A. Both projects are made by the same company, Wargaming.net. It’s like subscribing to a theater, the shows are different but you pay at the same till.

2. Are citadels only possible through side armour penetrations or through deck armour as well? If deck armour is modeled, it should naturally be thinner than side armour and more prone to penetration at longer distances (since shells comes from the “top”). Is it thus possible to hit citadels through the deck at longer distances? Such mechanics would encourage players to fight at shorter distances.

A. In game, armour is modeled with high fidelity, deck armour included. It happens that players hit citadels through the deck. However, you must remember that shells don’t always fall vertically since the firing range we set in game is the effective range of the ship and not its “theoretical” maximum range. That is why for many ships the so-called “immune zone” falls on the furthest section of the firing range and thus it’s harder to penetrate the deck.

3. Are you working on improving AA and dual purpose gunfire visuals, since shells seem not to come from gun barrels and the guns don’t rotate towards planes?

A. We’re working on it but, like with all the other visual improvements, we’re limited by the game performance since it must run on many different system configurations. With time, all visual aspects of the game will be improved but it’s a long and slow process. Regarding the time at which they will be done, I suggest you follow the patch notes.

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Patch 5.6 Datamined Changes

Thanks to Vaexa on reddit for datamining the new patch! Not a whole lot fo changes, but of notable interest are two new flags – one of which (the Battle of Jutland flag) can already be purchased in a bundle (with Warspite and Campbeltown) available on EU and NA. I’ll be sorely disappointed if the flag isn’t available through other means and on other servers!

Balance changes

Ship changes

  • Indianapolis: armor model changed

Miscellaneous changes

  • Battle of Jutland flag added
  • Songkran (Thai new year) flag added

UI and text changes

  • A bunch of strings were rephrased (for consistency and clarity, nothing important)
  • Text added for the Songkran and Battle of Jutland flags (descriptions and names)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4l4ipl/056_pt_056_live_data_changes/