Russian Q&A – 27/04/16

A roundup of various information collected/translated by Babykim and Carnotzet on the EU forums. Some actually good stuff this time! Unfortunately, nothing solid, really, only things we can speculate about, so speculate away.

Edit: updated pictures with higher resolution ones

1. New minimap with extended functionality


2. Landmarks to be shot


1. In your eyes, who are the PvE players?

And why is there such a disparity between PvE and PvP?

A. Those who like to play with bots for any reason. The economy disparity between the two modes is due to the fact that the current PvE system offers no challenge. However, we consider this mode to be promising and interesting, so we may improve the PvE content someday.

2. Do you plan to buff tier 9-10 US BB’s in the near future?

Are you happy with the current state of tier 8-10 US CV’s? Lexington with her only useful setup – strike – is overpowered. Wouldn’t you consider adding more balanced setups?

Wouldn’t you consider adding different bombs to IJN DB’s (such as AP bombs)?

Do you plan to add a bigger selection of upgrades (researchable upgrades, not module upgrades) to IJN cruisers? For example, give Zao the choice between her current ones and Ibuki’s upgraded ones (slower but with more range).

A. In patch 0.5.6. we plan to buff a lot of ships, including Iowa and Montana (in nearly all of their characteristics).

We’re not happy with their current state (that’s why we plan to make some changes).

We don’t plan to make changes to setups for now.

Regarding changes to bombs, we don’t plan to make any in the near future either.

The same regarding upgrades.

3. Will you add RN (Royal Navy) CV’s and if so, will they be researchable or only available as premiums?

A. They will be added sooner or later (as researchable ships as well as premiums) but not in the short or medium term. Let’s say that the branches that are nearing the testing phase / are in development / are planned to go into development don’t include RN CV’s.

4. Have you decided what to do with Buffalo?

Any news regarding clans?

A. No, and we haven’t felt the need to do so for now. She’s kept in reserve.

Except saying that they will be added eventually, no, I can’t say anything.

5. I would like to see more high tier premium ships (8-10) with unique gameplay (and not a Chinese Benson). Why do you only release low tier premiums?

Would you consider giving a trained captain (10-12 skill points) with each premium. At the moment, several of my ships are missing a captain and it’s just annoying to level a captain from scratch

A. At the moment, we can’t sell premium ships above tier 8 since it goes against our monetization design. The selection of the most profitable ships – tier 7-8 – (from a business standpoint for the game, and from a farming standpoint for players) will be increased. We also plan to release ships for “fans”, as well as ships for collectors and shipbuilding aficionados. 

We don’t plan to sell captain experience in any form whatsoever, only certain ways for leveling captains more easily (flags, premium account). And of course the “doubloon” captain that starts with 3 skill points.

Definitely interested in the potential new gameplay mode with forts and land targets, could be very cool – though I hope it’s not limited to PvE, which is what some people are speculating.

And the USN battleship buffs are also welcome, though… I’m not particularly sure if Iowa really needs to be improved. I haven’t played her since CBT, so my opinion is a bit dated – I’m hoping to have her again soon.

Sources: EU Forums info thread, RU Forums Dev Answers thread, Russian YouTuber’s Dev Studio Visit


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