Free Premium Time/Signal Flags (NA)

As an apology for the UI issues, the NA server is getting 1 day of premium time and 3 of each signal flag for free. You can get a code for these just by logging in anytime before the 1st of May. The code will be given out after May 1st.

Since they don’t have the patch yet, it’s unlikely the other servers will get this little gift. It’s nice, though. Thanks, WG.



1 thought on “Free Premium Time/Signal Flags (NA)”

  1. Admittedly, that bug was very serious. But i’ve got to compliment on how WG handled it. They not only fix that bug within a day, they were also open and honest about it. They did admit they screwed up, they even said why and how.
    If they also stay true to their commitment to make sure it never happens again, good for us.

    I as a EU user am okay with NA users getting compensation for that massive blunder as it made playing very uncomfortable for those affected.
    Sometimes it’s a good thing we get the patch later than others. Although, i wouldn’t say no to an extra day of premium.

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