Russian Q&A – 26/04/16

Not really a Q&A, to be honest, more of an info roundup, but either way Carnotzet is bringing us some nice stuff over from the Russian forums. Basically, there have been various developer posts here and there about some hot topics that have come up, and these are the translations. Enjoy!

There is a big debate going on on the Russian forums about the state of Yubari. As you know, players who own her aren’t very happy with her current state.

Vallter_ responded that they are currently conducting a study regarding Yubari. They will have the results sometime in May and will be able to tell us concretely what the situation is.

News about patch 0.5.5.

  • there will be no free captain respec this patch.
  • patch 0.5.6. may bring further balance changes regarding torpedoes. Devs don’t know what these changes will be yet. This means that Fubuki, Kagero and Shimakaze captains may have their skill points reset.
  • the reasoning behind US bombers accuracy nerf is that they could inflict a lot of damage without really worrying about getting any opposition. This was discussed at length among players.
  • reasoning behind Anshan not receiving the +1% fire chance buff is that her shells are different and there was no gameplay incentive to give her the same buff

Something tells me that the results of the “study” on Yubari will find that she’s perfectly balanced and fine, with no problems to speak of. Hopefully that isn’t the case, but I’m not particularly optimistic here.

Sources: EU Forums info thread, Various RU Forum threads


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