Reticle Contest

You know how people often complain that NA gets all the nice contests? Well, now EU finally gets one, but it’s a bit special. And by ‘special’ I mean every server gets access to it, haha! My apologies to anyone who was hoping for something more exclusive, but this contest is quite interesting in itself.

The contest is to design a reticle (for Binocular View) that will be available in-game; prizes for the winners are given to the top 5 from each region, and the top 5 globally, along with 1 honourable mention prize for every 10 valid submissions. Submissions can be made until the 9th of May, after which you can vote for your favourite submissions up until the 16th.

After that, the 20 total winners (as in, 5 winners from each server region) will be posted publicly, and then starting from 19th May until the 25th votes across all servers will count towards picking the top 5, which will be added to the game itself. These lucky 5 players will be the ones getting the big global prize.

And, speaking of prizes, I imagine you want to know what exactly they are!

Regional winners (Top 5 per region):  7,500 doubloons and Special commemorative flag.

Global winners (Top 5 worldwide): Premium ship of their choice from our Premium Shop, in-game offers and partner programs and maybe something extra!
1 honorable mention prize, which include 500 doubloons and a set of economic flags, for every 10 valid submissions.

So, yeah. Some pretty serious prizes on offer there, so if you think you’re decent at graphic design, go for it. I, for one, want that flag – whatever it is!



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