Patch 5.5 Notes

The patch notes for 5.5 are very lengthy! Even though it’s not really a ‘content’ patch adding much new stuff to the game, it expands the depth of what’s already there, which is nice in its own way. Below, I’ll summarize some of the more notable changes, with the specific details in the WG news announcements that I’ll link to after that.

Patch 5.5 will arrive, at varying times of day for each server, on April 27/28th.

  • The torpedoes on Fubuki, Kagero, and Shimakaze have been nerfed, generally becoming quicker to spot, slower, and have reduced range.
  • Those same ships, however, also now have access to a short-range, high-speed set of torpedoes that do more damage.
  • Experience and credit requirements for these ships and some of their modules have also been reduced because of the new torpedo option.
  • Aircraft Carriers from tier 8 up now have the Defensive Fire consumable, but only one. The Japanese version is somewhat stronger than the American, but neither are as potent as the version found on cruisers.
  • You can now choose different crosshairs for binocular view, and the default crosshair is dynamic. See the video for a good idea of what it looks like; it’s kinda hard to explain with just words, but basically the little range ticks move now.

  • A number of maps have weather effects during the countdown; the North map has a Cyclone, which can happen during an ongoing battle and reduces visibility. It also looks great and you’ll get to admire your ship a lot because you’ll only be able to see other ships within 8km, and planes within 3km.
  • There is a warning for the cyclone before it happens, and the storm lasts variably from 2-10 minutes.
  • Lots of new death animations! Also, all death animations are slower than they were before.
  • Not in the patch notes, but in the video you can see an extra port: “Black Sea,” with an icon similar to the one for the “February” port I posted a long time ago.
  • Shells now have a visible, physical model that you can ogle.
  • Engines and steering gears now only take 60s to repair, instead of 120s.
  • Two new maps: Mountain Range, for tiers 7-8, and Trident, for tiers 3-6. Interestingly, Trident has dynamic time of day, and can start at a few different points during the day and night.
  • Two Brothers is now a tier 7-10 map; Hotspot and Land of Fire are now tier 8-10 maps.
  • Game file compression magic so that the game should load faster and stuff.
  • In-depth ship parameters are now visible in the port, including torpedo protection, shell velocity, and more.
  • Main guns from 131-160mm are now 1.5x as durable, and smaller main guns are now 2.6x as durable.
  • Soviet HE-46 shells are have an increased 1% fire chance.
  • If a ship is firing from stealth, it won’t suffer a 20s detectability penalty if it wouldn’t also be detected with the penalty applied. In other words, if you’re within your stealth firing range and you fire at your target, you won’t have a penalty to detectability – but if firing a shot would make you visible, then the penalty is applied as normal.

In addition, when the patch comes out, for two days you’ll get 2x credits and experience on all wins with ships of tier 4 or higher – and if you log in before May 11th you’ll get 3 days of premium time for free.

The change to Two Brothers makes me very sad! Some of my best tier 6 games were on that map, but I guess things won’t be quite the same anymore.



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