USS Texas: USA Flag Camo

Thanks to NoZoupForYou for posting this on reddit! If you like incredibly gaudy camouflage on your ships, then it looks like WG has you covered. Don’t worry, though; Texas will have a normal camo option as well if you don’t want a giant flag painted on your shiny new battleship.



1 thought on “USS Texas: USA Flag Camo”


    As an American, and especially as a Veteran, I find this use of the flag insulting. Not only is it insulting that they create a likeness of our flag to drape over a ship to have it shot at and desecrated, but it is also against US federal law. As a foreign company operating with offices in the US, they are obligated to abide by our laws.

    You are paying a company to violate our laws, and insult our country.


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