Patch 5.4.3 Notes

Already we’re getting patch 5.4.3 (and probably 5.5 in a week or two) and this one is just a very small little update. Most of the changes are to ships not even publicly available yet! Here’s the extent of the notes:

  • Single cruiser match making has been enabled for mid-Tier, queue waiting time decreased
  • Reload time for Molotov’s main batteries changed from 10 to 12.5 seconds
  • Rudder shift time for Texas changed from 16 to 18 seconds

And that’s it. The patch should be arriving around the 21st for all servers, though the exact time will no doubt vary by region. We’ll also have to see if there are some extra, unlisted changes that can be found in the game files, so look forward to information on that.



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