Patch 5.5 Announced, Public Test Soon

Weather, new maps, and more

It’s not a big “content” patch, like the one that added Russian destroyers and German cruisers, but patch 5.5 will be bringing a number of smaller features that add quite a bit to the game. There’s too much to directly post all of it, but I’ll give a summary after the break.

Also, there’s a public test which starts today, so make sure you have the PT client downloaded!

In (sort of) brief:

  • New weather (looks like snow and rain) that doesn’t affect gameplay except for on the North map, which causes reduced visibility
  • Dynamic divisions like in WoT which can be formed during a game
  • Two new maps, Trident and Mountain Range, but their tier range is currently unknown, probably made for high tiers though
  • Client optimization, and other buzzwords!
  • Binocular/sight customization, also like in WoT
  • Changes to the Trap and Atlantic maps
  • New ship destruction animations
  • Improved shell graphics, no more fire lasers
  • More music, as usual
  • Torpedo changes for high-tier Japanese destroyers
  • Improved sounds and sound options
  • Defensive AA consumable for high-tier aircraft carriers (tiers 8-10)

If you want to join the Public Test, you’ll most likely have to find the client download for your own server region, which should be displayed in the news section of their website. The one I’m linking below is for the NA server and might not work for you if your account is on the EU/ASIA servers.



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