Molotov/USS Texas Current Stats

The data for USS Texas and the Russian cruiser Molotov is up on gamemodels3d, so I’ve got a comprehensive look at their stats here for you, along with their models. If you’re wondering, yes, they both have their names written on their hulls – seems like WG is putting their money where their mouth is after that one Q&A.

Do remember, though, that these stats will most likely change and do not represent what the final stats will be; don’t get too hyped or salty about the ships until we’ve had a chance to actually play them. Until then, enjoy thinking about what they might be like, and ogling their pretty models.

Tier 5 American battleship USS Texas

Health: 49 100

Main Battery: 5×2 356mm/45 Mk 8

  • Main gun firing range: 15.5km
  • Reload speed: 34.28s (1.75rpm)
  • 180° traverse time: 45s (4°/s)
  • HE max damage: 5000
  • AP max damage: 10 300
  • HE projectile speed: 834m/s
  • AP projectile speed: 792m/s

Air Defence: 10×1 76.2mm/50 Mk22 mod. 2, 10×4 40mm Bofors Mk2, 32×1 20mm Oerlikon Mk4

  • 76.2mm range/damage: 3.5km, 28dps
  • 40mm Bofors range/damage: 3.5km, 159dps
  • 20mm Oerlikon range/damage: 2.0km, 115dps

Secondary Battery: 6×1 127mm/51 Mk7

  • Maximum firing range: 4.0km
  • Reload time: 7s (8.6rpm)
  • HE max damage: 1800


  • Maximum speed: 20.5 kts
  • Turning radius: 600m
  • Rudder shift time: 16.25s


  • Surface detectability range: 16.02km
  • Detectability when firing: 26.7km
  • Air detectability range: 10.68km

Consumables: Repair Party

Tier 6 Russian cruiser Molotov

Health: 28 400

Main Battery: 3×3 180mm/57 MK-3-180

  • Main gun firing range: 15.49km
  • Reload speed: 10s (6rpm)
  • 180° traverse time: 22.5s (8°/s)
  • HE max damage: 2 500
  • AP max damage: 4 400
  • HE projectile speed: 920m/s
  • AP projectile speed: 920m/s

Air Defence: 6×1 100mm/56 B-34, 6×1 45mm 21-K, 8×1 37mm 70-K, 4×1 12.7mm DshK, 2×4 12.7mm Vickers

  • 100mm B-34 range/damage: 3.5km, 17dps
  • 45mm 21-K range/damage: 2.5km, 12dps
  • 37mm 70-K range/damage: 2.0km, 46dps
  • 12.7mm DshK range/damage: 1.2km, 14dps
  • 12.7mm Vickers range/damage: 1.2km, 4dps

Torpedoes: 2×3 533mm Triple 1-N

  • Max range: 4.0km
  • Speed: 65kts
  • Damage: 14 618
  • Reload speed: 70s (0.85rpm)

Secondary Battery: 6×1 100 mm/56 B-34

  • Maximum firing range: 4.5km
  • Reload time: 4s (15rpm)
  • HE max damage: 1 400


  • Maximum speed: 36.0 kts
  • Turning radius: 860m
  • Rudder shift time: 10.22s


  • Surface detectability range: 13.14km
  • Detectability when firing: 18.54km
  • Air detectability range: 7.53km

Consumables: Defensive AA Fire/Hydroacoustic Search, Spotting Aircraft

Source: gamemodels3d


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