Datamined Info: Patch 5.4.2

The “USA Flag” camo for the USS Texas, WIP

iku_19 on reddit has done some digging now that patch 5.4.2 is out, and found a few little bits that weren’t in the patch notes.

Saipan‘s reserve plane count for the stock flight control is changed, divebomber and fighter reserves are swapped. (More fighters)

-Both Basketball Camouflages are disabled, potentially merging server versions again this patch.

Texas has two camouflages, a normal one and one called “USA Flag.”

-I don’t know when, but a “groupCustom” parameter appeared, this is interesting because the “group” parameter is used to determine what a ship is and how the server should reward it.

Molotov gets a spotter plane

I’m definitely looking forward to the USS Texas! She looks like fun, and I’ve been grinding up the US battleship line recently, so she arrives (or will arrive, hopefully) just in time.



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