Russian Q&A – 08/04/16

Just a small bit of information this time, because there was a steam that Vallter did recently that Carnotzet is currently translating. This is the normal Q&A he’s translated for us; I’ll post the answers from the stream when they’re all done presumably later today.

1. I’m interested to know if the next ship branch will include CV’s? If so, what will be their particularities?

A. No. The next ships to be released will be from other classes.

2. It’s no secret that Tashkent is played less frequently in team battles than other DD’s. Couldn’t you give her like a short range radar? Or something else, that would make her more in line with the other DD’s in team battles?

A. No, we don’t plan to give her something similar to what you suggested. On the other hand, we plan to give a slight but nice buff to several Soviet DD’s stats, in addition to the partial fix for “turrets getting destroyed when someone sneezes at them”. It should get better. Moreover, team battles is a separate format in which mechanics are different, so it’s quite normal.

3. I wanted to join team battles but couldn’t. Was it linked with my chat ban or is it an error?

A. Indeed. It’s not an error.

4. Could you please share with us Iwaki Alpha stats regarding her performance now and two patches ago?

A. Win rate: 62.8% => 53.9%

Average damage: 38’000 => 30’000

5. Why isn’t there a medal for detonating enemies, it could be something like Lucky shot?

There’s already a medal for being detonated but not for causing a detonation. With such a medal, players could know straightaway they detonated another ship and could track how many detonation they caused.

A. We’ll think about it. Thanks you for your suggestion!

6. Wasn’t there another way to nerf Kiev than to reduce her HP? It’s not really logical that a ship with more displacement has considerably less HP.

A. It was an effective way to nerf it. Nevertheless, in the near future, Kiev will be slightly buffed.

7. When will you allow tier 9 ships to take part in team battles?

A. It’s not set in stone. We don’t believe that adding tier 9 ships to team battles now will be beneficial. I believe it will come soon, we still need to decide.

8. Many players complain about the delay between detecting a ship and it appearing on the screen. More than once, when I sail with a DD and encounter the same DD (and thus with the same concealment), there’s a 2s delay between the time of detection and the time it appears. I get detected, already see volleys of shells flying at me and only then do I see the DD appear. What’s up with that?

A. We’re working on it. This issue is being investigated by our programmers.

Sometimes I get interested in Russian destroyers, but then I remember that eventually we’ll get the Germans and French and Italians and those all excite me much, much more, especially the latter two.

Sources: EU Forums info thread, Russian Dev answers thread


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