Misc. Info – 05/04/16

Just some info, translated by Carnotzet, from around the RU forums and all that. There’s actually some solid stuff this time, rather than answers to silly questions! Now we know more of what’s going to come in patch 5.5 at the end of the month, at least.

More diverse death and sinking animations will be added in one the next major update.

They once talked about adding tier 9 ships to team battles. The matter is still being discussed since there are many aspects to be taken into account before implementing it.

New ranked season to come this month [on RU server]. Changes will be introduced with the new season, consistent with the feedback that has been given.

Vallter_ is willing to bet 300 doubloons that the next update will please everyone.

Developers consider the last update to be well made (of good quality). They even delayed it for three weeks in order to fix additional problems (a lot of people currently work on Saturdays to improve the game).

Regarding the WoT invitation experiment, a players suggests the credit/xp rewards be given gradually. First game: 50k xp; first win after lvl 5: 100k xp; first win after lvl 8: 200k xp; first win after lvl 10: 500k xp. It would encourage people to keep playing the game and put a stop to the negative behavior they have at high tiers. Vallter_ was interested in this idea.

When saying the next update will please everyone, he’s talking in a broad sense, that it will please most players. It’s like saying that, objectively speaking, the game previously failed at times due to technical difficulties (most players weren’t happy, not all of them).

So: hopefully a solid, if not huge update is coming soon, maybe we’ll get new animations with it, and we’ll probably get a new season of Ranked (globally, I hope) along with the patch since I assume it’ll involve some balance changes.

I really want to get back to Ranked.

Sources: EU Forum info thread, Various RU Forums Dev posts


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