Russian Q&A – 04/04/2016

I’ve got a Q&A roundup from yesterday; the first part is the usual, answered by Sub_Octavian and translated by Carnotzet; the second part is some small pieces of info about upcoming stuff, including patch 5.5 which will arrive at the end of April.

1. Why was Tirpitz‘s HE shells fire chance reduced from 40% to 34%? What other characteristics of this ship were changed?

What branches or ships do you plan to add for the 100th anniversary of the battle of Jutland?

A. Tirpitz‘s HE shells characteristics weren’t changed. Why do you suddenly believe it was 40%?

I can’t disclose our plans regarding new ships until an official announcement has been made.

2. Are you happy with DD balance?

A. No, we’re not. An excessive amount of DD’s in some battles and torpedo walls are bad for the game. Just as spamming torpedoes is dull from a gameplay standpoint. We will solve this problem.

3. It is well known that the Main Battery mod.1 upgrade doesn’t decrease the chance of main batteries being destroyed, only the chance of them being incapacitated. On some ships, in particular Atlanta, main batteries act also as AA. The AA guns mod.1 upgrade increases their survivability. Does that mean that installing the AA guns mod will decrease the chances of main batteries being destroyed?

A. No. If a gun battery fulfills more than one role, it will be affected by one upgrade only, according to the following rule: Main battery -> secondary battery -> AA. In the case of Atlanta, only main battery upgrades will be taken into account.

4. On Atlanta, it seems an AA gun is taken off. Why is that? [image link is broken]

A. It’s the fire-control system for the 28mm AA guns. It controls the AA mounts (AA guns follow what this system is aiming at, etc.). Its benefits are that it stands apart from the AA mounts and thus isn’t affected by the vibrations and smoke they produce and by all the crew running around. 

5. When do you plan to add the possibility to tag ships as favourites in port?

A. I don’t know when, but we plan to improve the “carousel”. We would like to add a lot of small useful features such as this, but we have to set priorities first.

6. When will you give players the possibility to purchase premium ships with doubloons?

A. We will expand the selection of ships purchasable in game. However, certain ships will only be available in the premium shop and may not appear in the in-game shop at all, and if they do, it will be after a long delay. The premium shop needs to have some exclusives.

7. Do you plan to improve the CV interface? After all, it hasn’t changed since beta.

A. I cannot reveal our plans in details, but we plan to rework the CV interface. We will work on it after we have finished our work on the basic combat interface.

8. Do you plan to buff tier 9-10 US DD’s? Their average damage is really low.

A. No, we won’t. They are capable and versatile ships.

Fletcher: 2nd place in terms of win ratio, 1st in K/D ratio, 2nd in damage done.

Gearing: 1st place in win ratio, 1st in K/D ratio, 3rd in damage done.

And the differences are rather small.

9. Developers said before that high tier gameplay (balance, economy, etc.) wasn’t a priority. Have you changed your stance on this?

A. We’ve already started to change certain things. We’re experimenting with a new economy system for high tiers (20% reduction on repairs).

We will try to continue on this path in order to further develop this aspect of the game, which may not attract a lot of players but is still important for us. In the end, if we ignore high tier gameplay, most players will not be interested to reach those tiers.

10. What is the accuracy penalty of DB’s when they are attacked by planes? Is there a penalty difference between catapult and CV planes?

What is the damage reduction of Soviet cruisers torpedo belts?

A. They have 25% reduced accuracy if they are panicked. There’s no difference between the two types of planes.

Soviet cruisers don’t have a torpedo belt. Only Donskoy (15.9% damage reduction) and Moskva (27%) have one.

1. What do you plan to do with nerfed premium ships? [Long description of a battle in a Tirpitz. Long story short, the player complains about not receiving enough credits.]

A. It’s not that bad for the Tirpitz. Let’s review her stats.

  • She doesn’t experience walls of torps as often as tier 9-10 ships.
  • She has a good rudder shift time.
  • Her AA is worse than North Carolina‘s but better than Amagi‘s.
  • Her popularity is on par with overpowered BB’s.
  • She has the highest win ratio among all tier 8 BB’s.
  • It’s the best among all ships for farming credits (with or without premium account).

In good battles, she can earn close to 1 million credits.

2. – Do torpedo belts reduce flooding damage?

– If a torpedo hits the torpedo belt, does the damage vary depending on the place it hit (higher damage on the edges, lower in the center)?

– What happens when a shell hits the torpedo belt (when the ship is turning hard)? Is the belt damage reduction taken into account?

– Do torpedo belts have hit points? If enough damage is inflicted to the torpdeo belt, is the damage reduction decreased?

– How much is AP shells penetration reduced when they hit water (in case of undewater hits)?

– What does the turning circle value shown in port represent?

A. No, they only affect torpedo damage and chance of flooding. Moreover, this only comes into effect if the torpedo hits the torpedo belt (not somewhere else).

    – The place where the belt was hit doesn’t matter.

    – Against shells, torpedo belts act as additional armour.

    – No, they don’t have hit points.

    – I cannot disclose this information.

    – It represents the turning radius of a ship sailing at full speed with the steering gear set at maximum. Moreover, it takes into account that the ship is already turning (and not starting to turn).

3. Do you plan to add radar to German and IJN cruisers?

A. No. At the moment, it’s exclusive to US and Soviet cruisers.

4. Would you consider removing the possibility of fire for HE shells that don’t penetrate? If it would cause a balance problem, you could then increase their fire chance. [BB player complaining he’s lit on fire too often]

A. It’s very unlikely. I’m not keen on this idea. It would compel us to do considerable rebalancing work. The current fire mechanics are fine for now. Let’s not forget that BB’s can take quite a pounding and still repair a considerable portion of that damage.

5. Is radar affected by the targeting module upgrade?

A. No. The radar overwrites the ship current guaranteed acquisition range.

6. When taking the Torpedo Acceleration skill, it seems that my torpedo reticle (on a ship with 10km torps, 8km with the skill) goes up to 10km. Is it a bug?

A. The torpedo reticle is not limited by the range of your torpedoes; it hasn’t any range limit.

This bit’s from Babykim, his comments in parentheses:

Here is some information from developer Vallter_ thread on RU forum:

1). Thousands WoT players have been invited (lured with 10m fee experience 25m credits), but only about one hundred came;

2). If this promotions sees success (however success in this retarded promotion is to be defined), veteran WoWs players will get (similar?) gifts;

3). Non commercial aimbot is broken. Commercial is still being worked on. The developers cannot exclude a resurrection in the future, but each iteration of this arms race makes it more difficult to make a working aimbot. The main thrust is to block the third party software used by the aimbot;

4). Big update 0.5.5 is coming at the end of April (no details).

5.5 at the end of April? Interesting, though we don’t know specifically what it’s going to focus on. All we’ve heard so far is that things like torpedo walls at high tiers will be dealt with or supposedly balanced in 5.5, but I’m sure there’s got to be something more. The armour viewer, perhaps?

The CV interface change also interests me. It’s necessary and welcome, yeah, but I’m really not sure if it’ll make people more interested in playing carriers. It’s their fundamental gameplay which tends to drive people away.

Sources: EU Forums info thread, Russian dev answers thread, RU Forums




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