NA: Win a Saipan! Again!

Are you tired of all these Saipan contests on NA? Of course you aren’t. They’ve got another one, for some reason, because apparently giving these things away is a serious priority as opposed to… selling them, like I suppose they were intended. Ah well, they’ll do what they want. You could consider this a bit of a blessing, though it’d be better if the other servers got a share of the love.

Basically, it’s similar to the other contests thus far on the NA forums, except this time around you’ve got to made a video guide on modules, consumables, and in-game mechanics. Note that this doesn’t seem to be restricted to just aircraft carriers, but looks to be a contest for general WoWs guides. This is for NA players only, though.

The deadline is April 13th, 6am PST. The guidelines and prizes are below.


1st: 1 Saipan- 1 Port Slot – 14 days premium – 3000 Doubloons

2nd: 1 Saipan – 1 Port Slot – 14 days premium – 2000 Doubloons

3rd: 1 Saipan – 1 Port Slot – 7 days days premium – 1500 Doubloons

4th: 1 Port Slot – 7 days premium – 1500 Doubloons

5th: 1 Port Slot – 7 days premium – 1000 Doubloons

6th – 10th: 1 Port Slot – 3 Days Premium – 500 Doubloons


  • 1: KEEP IT CLEAN! No profanity, political comments, racial comments, or religious comments. I know this goes without saying but at the same time, we gotta say it.
  • 2: NO MODS EXCEPT FOR THE TRAINING ROOM MOD! Please create these videos with the client as intended. No aim mods, skin mods, and so on. These will instantly disqualify you. No questions asked.
  • 3: VIDEOS MUST BE NO MORE THAN 3 MINUTES LONG! While we can all talk for days about our favorite classes, that is way too much for a newcomer. 3 minutes is more than enough time to discuss the basics of various classes.
  • 4: Your video must be made solely for this contest. Past videos will not count.
  • ​5: All NA players are welcome to join the contest bueach player can submit only one entry per class.
  • 6: The creation must be designed exclusively for this contest.
  • 7: Entries will be judged on creativity, quality, educational value, content, etc.
  • 8: The video must comply with the moral, ethical, and legal standards, as well as with the Forum rules.
  • 9: By entering your submission, you agree that Wargaming gains all exclusive rights to the contest video when you post it on the forum.
  • 10: Rules, Prizes, or Classes are subject to change at anytime during this series. 




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