Russian Q&A – 03/04/16

Just the usual again today. Translated, of course, by Carnotzet, and answered in the original Russian by the ever patient Sub_Octavian. Enjoy!

1. The Nürnberg seems to sit too high on the water.



Looking at historical pictures, I did not see the stern rising above the water.

Is this a model error?

A. There aren’t any mistakes with the model. The problem you noticed comes from three factors:

  • the specifics linked to the implementation of swaying;
  • the camera short zoom focus;
  • the design waterline.

We will look into setting her slightly lower in the water in order to make everything seem logical.

2. In patch 0.5.3., Tirpitz’s AA range was greatly reduced. Before the patch, 105mm guns had a 5km range, now, they only have 4.5km. Taking into account captain skills and upgrades, the difference is even greater. Why did you “stealth” nerf this ship AA?

A. [EDITED for clarity] Changes made to AA were part of broader balance changes. After these changes were made, Tirpitz was shooting down 1.1 more planes in average per battle [so, for instance, instead of shooting down 6 planes, she would shoot down 7.1 – by the way, these stats are totally made up and are only here to clarify the answer]. However, I understand your question, this change wasn’t mentioned in the patchnotes and thus wasn’t well received. Please accept my apologies for that. Regarding Tirpitz’s AA range, we’ll look into it.

3. In the official video presenting Warspite, it is said she can heal 100% of her citadel damage, but, in reality, she can’t. Why?

A. It’s a mistake in the video. It (the video) will be removed from the shop page. Thank you for noticing it; to thank you, we’ll send you a discount code for the tier 8 ship of your choice.

4. Warspite seems to have extremely bad armour that can be penned by anything. Have you checked if there isn’t any bug regarding her armour?

A. We checked and rechecked and nothing is wrong with her armour.

5. Why is Imperator Nikolai always bottom tier and always fight tier 6 ships? Is it intended as a kind of stealth nerf?

A. No. The tier of the battle you’re drafted in is always random, except when you’re top or bottom tier several times in a row. Nikolai doesn’t need any nerf since we won’t sell it anymore.

6. Please explain how you do indirect nerfs to premium ships. Which premium ships were nerfed and what were the nerfs about?

A. We try to detail every change we make in an update as much as possible, and we understand we must be very careful when it comes to premium ships characteristics. We inform players about all the changes we find that weren’t included in a patch note. I’m confident we will soon be able to release complete patch notes we’ll not have to edit.

7. Why can’t CV’s be detonated when a shell hits an ammo rack or a fuel tank?

A. The reason behind it is that CV’s are more likely to be set on fire and take more damage from fires.

8. Why does spotting not reward xp or credits? If this mechanics was introduced, you could lower DD’s and CV’s torpedo damage and they would still get the same amount of xp and credits due to spotting.

A. Because, currently, the game doesn’t need such mechanics. The development of spotting (and tanking) mechanics is on our plans, but our long-term plans. At the moment, our priority is to solve the current shortcomings of the game.

9. Firing on ships behind island is a bit wonky, do you plan to fix that?

A. We’re aware of this issue and plan to fix it. The system doesn’t always register the player wants to shoot over the island.

10. HE shells can set ships on fire without actually doing any damage. Is it normal or is it a bug?

A. It’s how it works. HE shells can set fires without doing damage.

11. What design characteristics are taken into account to calculate the normalisation of each type of shell?

A. The normalisation is calculated similarly for all types of shells. We don’t really rely on design characteristics.

12. My stats are hidden but my karma is still showing on statistics sites such as In one of his videos, the founder of that site said he wanted to implement a potato meter based on karma. Why does karma can be seen even when stats are hidden?

A. We don’t intend to hide players karma. A potato meter based on karma is….how to put it…questionable.

13. On several maps, I get stuck on island several meters before touching the shore. Will you fix this issue?

A. If you get stuck (and cannot free yourself) on a map, it’s a problem with the game. I advise you to take a screenshot of the location where you got stuck and send it to the Customer Service. We will then fix it.

1. Why don’t ship names appear on ships (painted on the side or stern)?

A. Ship names don’t appear on researchable ships since they represent a class of ships, not a particular ship. On the other hand, we try to make premium ships as close to their historical model as possible, and thus their name always appears on the ship.

2. I’m surprised that the legendary cruiser Varyag isn’t part of the Ru/Soviet cruiser line. Will it be implement in the game at all?

A. Not in the near future. Without denying her legendary status, I have certain doubts concerning her playability.

3. I saw there are two ships categorized as submarines in the game files (ARP I-401, USS Cimarron [which was actually a tanker]). Does it mean we will eventually see subs added to the game?

A. Truth be told, we currently don’t plan to add a submarine class to the game, and neither are we working on it.

4.  Why is Atago‘s rudder so easily broken? Even with the module reducing the probability of a critical failure, my rudder gets destroyed 2-3 times per battle. I hope it’s not some kind of Achilles’ heel.

A. It’s not a special characteristic introduced to balance the ship. Moreover, Atago isn’t more vulnerable to rudder or engine critical failure than similar ships. In my experience with the ship, I haven’t noticed anything similar to what you describe.

5. In the last few updates, were there changes made to the way shell-armour collision/penetration is working or calculated?

A. Nothing was changed in this regard.

6. Why do HE shells do less damage at greater distances? Does their penetration decrease with distance as well?

A. HE shells damage and penetration don’t decrease with distance. The differences you may experience with HE shells at certain distances is due to shells dispersion and impact angle. It may happen your shells hit armored parts of the ships, thus doing no damage, or superstructure elements (secondary/AA guns), which health bar isn’t shown; thus, damage done to them isn’t visible until they are destroyed.

7. Could you remove the dispersion penalty when firing on a target without having it locked?

A. The penalty is necessary for the reduced accuracy camouflage to work. If we’d remove it, you could “lock” to a target on your own and thus bypass the benefits provided by the camouflage.

The note about all premium ships having names on them is incorrect; Warspite lacks hers, oddly enough, even though she actually bore her name very clearly on her throughout her life. A silly thing to miss out on. Also, Admiral Hipper shows a little easter-egg sort of reference to her, ah, encounter with HMS Glowworm, so I suppose that note about researchable/tech tree ships being the general “class” isn’t technically correct. Semantics, maybe.

Sources: EU info thread, RU dev answers thread


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