Misc. Info – 02/04/16

Just some scattered bits of info I’ve found around the forums and such. Some of it comes from Carnotzet, about a WoWs offer for experienced (tens of thousands of battles) WoT player, and the rest is from the dev Boyarsky on the NA forums. Enjoy!


Carnotzet: It seems WG is trying a new “offer”. Very experienced WoT players are getting 1 million free exp to use in WoWs. So, it wasn’t long until players started to complain that it would be bad for the game. Following WG logic – they don’t want to sell Saipan to everyone because inexperienced players would harm other players’ game experience -, the poster states that with 1 million free xp, a player could easily rush his way to a tier 8 or 9 CV.

Vallter_ responds that this offer will only concern a handful of people (several hundreds at most) and among those, only a dozen would directly buy a tier 9 or 10 CV (or they could not do that at all).

It is an experimental offer which goal is to see how the players who are tired of grinding react to it. Players who fought tens of thousands of battles. This offer was send to a handful of players as part of the experiment.

If it’s conclusive, they will expand the offer to more players. And tank players won’t be the only ones receiving it.

Note: this is in a topic about the delay (due to balancing concerns) of Saipan, which otherwise hadn’t really been announced officially. Lots of people started complaining that official sources aren’t visibly telling people what’s going on, and then Boyarsky entered the thread and started answering questions and stuff. Good on him.


1. Niko will follow up with the announcement on Forums, we just wanted to get more details to share with you.

Monday should be more informative. Or would you prefer the post saying “it is delayed, stay tuned for more information”?

2. Patton5150: We will have more information from balance team on Monday and we were waiting for it to make more informative announcement for you.

It’s not an issue to post a small update. Would you be happy with such communication – in small portions?

“Don’t take it that we are on your case.  Its not your fault that your company’s public communications methods have been rather lacking.”

Well, let’s not involve our glorious company in this conversation. It is between you and me this time.

3. Mexicanarmada15: no worries, we will share only more updates and leaks! :) I’d rather apologize for misinformation than be the last region to announce it.

4. Raptor_alcor: since we already decided to release Saipan, there is no reason for us not to release more premium carriers in future. Unless it will cause strong negative reaction. We’ll see.

5. IKU19: we like ARP stuff and there will be more interesting content and events based on this partnership. Some other clusters have already released the portions of new content.

We decided to deffer it for later, when there will be more content available for publishing at once.

Another point is to avoid too much overlap between different major events so that players can’t choose what to work on in the game.

6. Tohoseiryu: yes, I can see premium IJN CV in the development pipeline. But it will take time, can’t confirm it for nearest future. Also, depending on Saipan’s feedback it may be re-prioritized.

7. Mr_Alex: in 2016 there will be more famous american warships released following Saipan. We are working on a promotional campaign around them, so I don’t want to spoil it too soon. [Note: this was in response to a question about when the USS Arizona is going to be added to the game… subtle confirmation, kinda?]

I like Boyarsky so far; he seems like a cheeky git, and that’s not bad at all. Hopefully it doesn’t get him sacked!

He made another post in a different thread; apparently, something interesting is to be announced next week…

Sources: EU Forums info thread, RU Forums thread about the WoT offer, NA Forum thread on the Saipan delay


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