High Tier Repair Discount

NyxWGA has confirmed, for the NA server anyhow, that the repair discount that’s been mentioned a few times already will be coming to the NA server as well. Not sure yet about EU or ASIA, but they’ll probably get it too, hopefully.

The way it works is fairly simple: ships of tier 8-10 will have their repair costs reduced by “approximately” 20%; this doesn’t include ammo or consumable replenishment, however. Otherwise, though, you should start to maybe make a profit on high tier games rather than leaking credits all over the place just so you can play a bit with your Yamato.

I’m quite happy with this! I never really liked the idea of high tiers essentially siphoning credits from you; the logic was always that people wouldn’t play mid-low tiers once they’d reached the highest tiers, but that’s simply not true, in my opinion. People play the ships they like to play, and fortunately WoWs has fun and interesting ships at just about every tier. In fact, high repair costs have had the opposite effect so far, and are currently driving people away from tier 8+.

NyxWGA says they’re just testing this for the month, but I’m hoping it sticks. WoWs really needs to expand its playerbase, and some of the decisions WG has made so far haven’t exactly done much for that, honestly.

Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/74795-testing-discounts-on-high-tier-repair-costs/page__p__1833480#entry1833480


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